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20 things you don't know about me!

(Photo not my own.) I feel like you guys think you know everything about me, I share my life on this little blog page, but you don't. I've decided to yell you some stuff which my own family probably don't even know, feel lucky! okay, so many I am going through a bit of writers block and O keep starting off a blog post and I never finish it, hopefully the block will soon go! I HATE it when people call me baby or babe or babs or baba, the names Anna, apart from Dan, he's allowed.93% of my friends are male.I'm planning on getting cosmetic surgery when I'm older to correct my nose.I've been completing my dolls house for 9 years.Me, corey, Dan and Cameron all have matching bracelets because we miss each other.I've forgot what my natural hair colour is.I hate the word tangerine.Feminists annoy me, to the point where I cant take them seriously.Only 2 of my friends have ever viewed my other blog.I like to do the same things each day, it's good to know times…

July faves! | Unicorns and Fairy Dust.

July favourites, after you guys have asked me so many times! It's not all beauty, as you'll soon find out!
Umberto Giannaini Over night Beauty Moisture Balm.

Can we all just have a minutes silence over this? It is amazing, utterly amazing and it's now fully embedded into my hair routine.. That's when I remember I have one. As you all know, I have bleached my hair quite a bit and the bottom of my hair has got it the worst. This balm is light so it doesn't have your hair greasy and heavy and it actually works! I've tried countless others and nothing works at all, they seem to work at the start but actually, the shine is just pure grease and we haven't got time of that! I have the travel size and it seems to last for ages, you can get the full range of this product and others by the same brand at Boots or at the website. As always, I'll link everything down below!
Ickle Baby Bot Bath Bomb, Lush

Did I steal part of Coreys present to use on myself? Maybe, do …

That one person you will ALWAYS love!

I thought I'd get the hard core emotional content out the way for Thursdays favourites post! As you can clearly see by the title, today's post is all about moving that one person who doesn't love you back.

I'm an expert at this, I always fall in love with people who never love me back. (Lets all cry for Anna). I would say I'm over with that one boy who I've loved and loved with all my heart, but I'd be lying. "Anna, haven't you had a boyfriend since though?" Yes, yes I have and this is the main reason I can never go past a certain point because my mind is wrapped up in this one boy.

God damn you!

My friends are all screaming at their screens right now, knowing who it is, who they think it is. you're wrong. But this blog isn't me just sobbing about that fact I've wasted over a 3rd of my life obsessing over a boy, it's for me to use my experience to help you!

Are we ready??

Do you really love them? I thought I was head over heels …

Southfield is 'Simply the best.'

A quote which is forever engraved into my head and heart. Mrs Bristow made it our Derwent saying. Even though in my 5 years of going Southfield we never won sports day, damn you Grassmoor!

This blog post is dedicated to Southfield Technology College, the wonderful place it is.

I read fabulous and us and their post perfectly summed up Alisons 'stay' at Southfield. So now it's my turn to have a re-cap on the one place I called home for many years.
I started in 2009, which seems like forever, High School Musical had been out for 3 years, Finding Nemo had been out for 6 years and Gordon brown was Prime Minister and I was shit scared to go to 'big school', Southfield held these induction days so you could see who you would be spending the next 5 years of your life with and I laugh every time I remember it. My last names Taylor, nothing strange about that. But when names were being called out another Taylor popped up. Heather Taylor, who soon became one of my friends, r…

Teenagers, What lovely people we are!

Teenagers. We all were one. Some of us are still one. We scare old people and Rob banks, we wear hoodies and drink in bus stations. We are known for asbos, we are known for spitting on streets, acting silly whilst drunk and being complete idiots. Teenagers, what wonderful creatures.
But the thing is, you, you reading this shaking your head and tutting to Jimmy at in his chair, were once all of them things. Maybe you didn't do the things we do or listen to 'that racket' but you were once a teen who annoyed the older generation. So don't you think your teen life was any less messed up as ours. But we aren't all like that and I think it's wrong. I don't spit, I don't have a asbo and as far as I know I don't scare old people and I certainly do not drink in bus stations, Vulcans park is much classier. So why do we all get tarnished with the same brush? How unfair is that? How fair is it to criticise the majority on the minority? Because, you never see t…

Why Anna should NOT drink.

I went to a party on Saturday, it was very good and I got... Happy. I mean drunk, okay I got drunk. Me and alcohol don't mix very well, at all. I tend to do stupid things when I'm under the influence of wine (or any type of drink to be fair, don't just blame the wine.). I thought it would be fun to tell you 5 of the most embarrassing things I've done whilst drunk. I may regret this in the future.

I phoned my ex and told him how much of a arse he was and then ordered a bbq chicken pizza to his house. He obviously knew it was me but by the morning I'd completely forgotten about it until he phoned me to shout at me and tell me I was horrible. Guys, it's not that bad. Come on.This wasn't whilst drunk, but I got dared to get my nipple pierced whilst drunk because I didn't down my pint (yes, pint. I'm obviously born in the wrong body!) in time. So I got it done and it's been a pain ever since. Really, don't get it done, ever.I pee'd in a puddle…

I dyed my hair TURQUOISE!!

So, I might have... dyed my hair a colour which is anything but normal. Truth is, I missed having pink hair and I missed dying everything in sight. It's funny really, Corey was saying the other day that when I first met him, the first thing he seen was my pink and blue hair. It was a little confidence boost because he didn't see me as the only girl, or being fat or anything else. So before I babble on any more, lets dye haiiirrr.!

I used 4 hair dyes and a shit load of conditioner. Make sure you use a white one or you won't get the true colour of the dye. I used a really cheap Asda one for 80p. Honestly, it doesn't matter because you're going to mix it up with dyes any way. The dyes I used was directions* lilac, lavender and turquoise and Live colour XXL 93.
For this blog post I used a old extension to show you how each colour comes out. Now I get that your hair might react to the dye differently but this will show you a bit better than the photos you get the with …

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Lush Haul! All things Bath Bombs. Ad*

This haul is dedicated to bath bombs, so I'm sorry if you don't like bath bombs or you expected a face mask. I will be doing other Lush hauls, but people have been requesting bath bombs. Lets go!

The first one is my all time favoirite bath bomb, Granny takes a dip. I love this sooo much. It just reminds me of summer and dancing and makes me want to listen to some Pink Floyd. This is retailed at £3.95. I have a large bath (bigger than normal.) and it covers my bath beautifully. I love it, a lush must have! Don't even get me started on the smell, a true lush smell. So what you waiting for? Go and buy it!

The second one I actually bought for Dan and Corey and used them myself- bad friend I know. Dragons egg is the mother of all bath bombs, it covers everything. Fizz, colour, glitter, foam, smell all thrown in with a hint of bath melt. This takes a while to 'explode' but once it does you will be amazed at it! This is £3.35 so cheaper than granny takes a dip and so muc…