My aim.

Growing up I was always branded the ok child. I was always, without fail branded the fat kid of my family and you know what? I'm fucking fabulous, my cellulite on my legs is fabulous, my double chin is fabulous and the McDonald's burger which I'm about to eat is fabulous.

I want kids, teens, adults and the elders to feel comfortable being themselves. This meant I had to take a step back and distance myself from a few people. If you haven't heard from me in a few weeks, ask yourself... Have you made an effort with me? Do you invite me out any more? Do you make an effort at all to make sure I'm alive and well?

So my aim is to be a blog where everyone can be happy being themselves, to be free to express themselves as brightly as possible or as dark as my soul.

I'm on a journey to make everyone realise their potential, I want to be every ones Nanna Anna.

Be you, be beautiful.

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