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A letter to my Drama Teacher

Dear my Drama Teacher,

From my very first parents evening you told my Mam "You have a bit of a Drama Queen on your hands, don't you?" To my last parents evening where you said "Anna's definitely a Drama Queen and a strong performer, she keeps everyone in check."

You inspired me to be as dramatic, flamboyant and sassy as I am. You gave me the courage to start doing drama and to be confident. You gave me the confidence to be happy in my own skin. You gave me a lot, and I thank you for that.

You created (Well, you and Mrs Chima- or Miss Armstrong) the bag, the bag which ruled the School, had priority in the dinner line and was a absolute legend (I still spell legend like Leg-end, thanks!) My bag was something which I could sort of hide behind, metaphorically and physically. With my bag I felt more confident because people were looking at my humongous bag and not the fact my pen had burst in my blazer for the tenth time.

You also used the fact that I'm a lit…



So the week which I've been dreading for the last 2 years has happened... I leave college on Thursday. Most A Level students are having a whale of a time because for the past 2 years they have been a solid 5 days a week; me however, have been a sometimes 4, sometimes 2 and sometimes none type of learner.

Everything is just so real, I bought a pan today and I honestly feel like I can rule the world.. With a pan. I'm starting to buy bits and bobs for my uni flat and bedroom. stocking up on shampoo bars and making mental lists of what should I bring clothes wise (I still have no fucking clue). This place and these people are my comfort zones, Millies Monday is my favourite, Nandos Thursday is what I live for and in less than 77 days, everything will change.

If anyone told me in year 10 that I would be going to Uni, driving a car and have a boyfriend who isn't that boy, I never would have believed you! I HAVE THESE MUSHY FEELINGS GUYS!

So this blog is a week …