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Living in student halls is shit at the best of times, you have a small room, you have to share a bathroom with people who normally don't flush, you have to share a shower and hope you don't find any stray hairs and you have to share a fridge; which is a pain in the fucking arse. You can't have a shower at 1am, you feel awkward cooking bacon at 4am because you're hungry and unlike being at home, you get judged for running to the bathroom in a tshirt an knickers. I personally cannot wait to get out of this jail cell, which Bolton uni kindly charge me 80 pounds a week for. I cannot wait to fill my freezer up with chicken nuggets and have no order at all with my fridge contents. If you haven't guessed, I'm having my own flat next year, and I cannot bloody wait.

Here are my pros and cons of student prison.
You get to meet a lot of people, you get people in the same boat as you. shout out to Jordan, Leah and Leon, my original uni friends.Freshers is so much better…