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Things don't always go to plan.

I was going to do a review on a make up product, but I think this topic is a bit more important.

Around about now, people find out if they have been accepted into Colleges, Courses and even Uni. You might have dreams and have your heart set on a certain course, but things don't go to plan.

Last year, I had my whole heart set on going to Gen 2 (This is a Engineering course in my home town.). I didn't pass my Aptitude test by 3 points. I was heart broken. my one and only plan was gone and I didn't have a clue what to do. I'm a strong believer of the quote 'As one door closes, another one opens'. I just wasn't sure when this door was going to open.

A door did open, 3 doors. I got accepted into two Colleges and a 6th Form. I picked college , as you all know.

My point is, things don't go to plan. You wont get all the things you apply for. I know this, I went all the way to Manchester and didn't get my apprenticeship. but I never stopped. It made me work…

Dream morning routine Vs. My actual morning routine.

So many people are talking about their morning routines and making out like they actually have time do apply a face mask every single day. I smell big, fat lies!
Dream morning routine.
I get up, skip down stairs and have toast (freshly baked) with home made jam and a Green tea. Watch the News and keep up to date with today's current affairs. Then I decide to get a bath and include a lush bath bomb and take a picture to upload on to Instagram. Get out of the shower into a warm bath robe and wash my face 5 times with different products to insure I have the cleanest skin in College. Go into my bedroom and put on my full face of make up, whilst listening to some really cool, Indie band which is soooo going to be big in 2000 and never. Get changed into my perfectly planned outfit which compliments my friends outfit perfectly and head to College. Done!
Now comes what really happens in the morning, brace yourself.
Actual morning routine.
I get rudely awaken by my Mam opening her bedroom do…

Why I refuse to be skinny.

Personally, I feel like if I was anything below a size 12 I would look stupid. No, this isn't me just saying that I don’t want to loose weight, this is me saying I don’t want to be a size 10 or below.

The thing is, I love my thick thighs, big boobs and the way my belly isn't flat. I want to loose weight, but I refuse to be skinny enough to be like a manikin. I know plenty of girls and boys who look hot as ever skinny. But frankly, my head is too round and my hips are too large, not to mention I am just too small in height to be skinny. Any ways, when I was younger I used to wish for a thigh gap, but now I'm older and slightly more wiser about my body image, I don’t think my body is capable of having one. You get a thigh gap from how wide your hips are (which also means for us lucky ladies, how tight or lose our bottom half is).

I don’t want to change the fact I have cellulite, even though I spent most of my school life hiding my bum cheeks in p.e. I wouldn't change th…

Lush Massage bar HELP ME

Tonight I will post 2 blog posts, one a quick one (this one) and another which is rather long. This one, obviously is about a Lush product which I am a bit miffed with. basically, I don't understand it.

Now I love Lush, I really like the products and I treat myself to Lush products instead of going out. Sad I know, but I don't have a social life. Any ways, this bar. at first I thought 'Woop a funky bar of soap' and the smell. Oh my. If you can combine all the smells of a Lush store and put it in a bar, this is it. It has that distinctive lush smell, which is rather nice.

So imagine this, I ran myself a bath, bubbles and all that. maybe even a cheeky bath bomb. I get in and want to try this bar. remember I thought it was soap. I started to apply this and it did nothing, it didn't rather up and then I felt my skin. This is where I got really confused, like really confused. It almost left a wax layer on my skin which was super hard to get off. After I washed it off a…

One girl Vs. The World

Unicorns and Fairy Dust
I am once again, blown away by every ones kind words. If you don't know, and you are confused over this blog. Let me tell you. yesterdayIi had a interview for 3 newspapers and one online paper, because I am a girl doing a male dominated course. Not only this, I entered a competition a few months back for a weeks placement at Nestle, at Dalston. I never thought I would even get a look in, but I did. tomorrow, I'm going to the finals of the competition and hopefully I will win.

Slight problem, I'm the only girl. I'm actually the only girl in Cumbria who does Engineering at College, which is ridiculous. Maybe this is for my advantage, I just hope I don't win because they feel sorry for me. I am so excited to walk into a room and see everyone's faces. You know what the worst part is? The one boy who skitted me on my first day, is competing against me. so lets kick some arse!

Another thing I want to address re…

My Boy Friend answers some Q's about me.

Who is Annas best friend? Me, dan and maybe corey. Probably some others from Workington, but we love her more. If Anna would sing with anyone, who would it  be? Adele, chasing pavements. Nutella or millies? Nutella all the way. Who was Annas first love? Can I swear on here? (no karl) either that horrible boy from her school or the other horrible boy she loved last year. Spell Annas middle name God damn anna. Louisa? Is that right? Let me look at facebook. What's Anna currently learning to do? Drive, be lady like, not drunk call. The list goes on. What gcse does anna want to resit? German and dont I know about it. Whats her nickname? Nana (correction, Nanna), anal, chicken nugget, annaltee. Whats the name of her fish? Kieran, Ewan, Fried. (wrong. Ewan, Fried and Kieran junior) Is Anna single? Does mazza read this? (he has not just called my mam, mazza) I think she is single. She hasn't been ranting on about anyone for a while anyways. I'm actually quite suprised how much karl knows about me. …

What's suppose happen vs. What did happen.

Opening the first exam paper

Now I’m not sure what your first exam will be, but what I do know is that you will be shitting
yourself. What will happen if you sit higher and not foundation? What will happen if you write your
surname as your forename? Now sit back, put the revision book down for a couple of minutes and
chill. Phew.

Opening the first exam paper is always the hardest and trust me, you will be shaking and sweating
and might even feel like you are going to be sick everywhere. Let me talk you through a perfect
scenario and the scenario I had for my English exam.

The perfect scenario will be that you all line up outside where ever the exam is taking place (you
must find out prior to your exam.) you will know your seat number and row. Your teacher is
normally standing with you telling you good luck and giving you advice on whatever. The doors open and you potter in the room leaving all your bags coats in a suitable place (just don’t take your phone
or take the battery out, don…

Bucket List... So far.

My bucket list, I love the thought of having a plan; because we all know I love plans and lists. Over the past year or so I have really thought hard about things I wanted to do and achieve before I kick the bucket.

* Travel to India alone and explore a different culture.
* Have dinner on the Eiffel Tower.
* Have something or someone named after me.
* Buy a pair of Levi jeans in a size 12.
* Go on a adventure in the middle of the night with my best friends. 
* Learn to swim.
* Live in Germany for a year/
* Buy a Sausage dog called Fudge.
* Go to Disney world.
* Have my own business of some type.
* Go to a festival.
* Finish my dolls house.
* Sky dive.
* Be a size 12.
* Read a book in one day.
* Appear on a radio station.
* Buy a swimming costume/ bikini/.
* Make a new friend who has similar interests.
* Get my blog noticed.
* Travel to New York and get a taxi.
* Go back to Normandy.
* Go on a big family holiday.
* Drive a Mitsubishi evo 9.
* Get a personalised number plate.
* Learn a n…

The reason I started Blogging.

Many of you have asked 'What made you want to blog?' or 'Why have you started to blog?'. These are very good questions and instead of answering you individually and repeating myself over and over, I thought to myself why not just make a blog post all about it. so here it is.Only a few of you will know that I started blogging a while back, in 2013 actually. I started blogging because I had all these feelings I needed to express but I didn't want to take my anger and emotions out on my family or friends. I have always found writing down my feelings works better for me because I don't have to look people in the eye. I can also edit bits I don't want to remember in the later days.Looking back I have always sort of Blogged, before blogging was a thing. I can remember in year 8 in Miss Armstrongs class, as she was back then. I wrote about a little girl who discovered how her mam really died. It wasn't as sad as you probably think, it was in a land with mermai…


Hiya! I was tagged in another Bloggers Q&A, so here it is! 20 questions all about me!

What is your all time favourite make up?
Good question. Probably Estee Lauder Double wear light. I only really wear make up on the weekends though.
Who's your best friend?
I really don't want to upset anyone by saying this. It has got to be Karl followed by either Dan or Corey. Sorry guys!
Last party you went to?
Lisa's on Friday, was a good night. Just, not so good in the morning when I had work!
Hair colour?
Brown/Pink/Purple/Green/Black/Ginger. Every colour to be fair, dying it again soon so god knows!
Single or taken?
Single *cries*
Biggest regret?
Not punching enough people and telling people what I really thought of them. Boo you.
Last movie you watched?
The Fault In Our Stars, I cried. A lot.
Last person you messaged on face book? What did it say?
I messaged Dan D saying 'Just think of old women'. Just don't even ask okay.
What's your natural hair colour?
Dark brown. It …

Update on my Engineering Course.


As some of you may know and have read on a previous blog post, I do engineering. Now that blog post opened a few peoples eyes and made them think. It also made a lot of you guys message me asking lots of questions and basically just asking if I was okay. I am fine, so to clarify a few peoples questions, I've decided to do a Q&A.

What made you do Engineering?
Why not do Engineering? I like having ideas and making them in the end. With Engineering the possibilities are endless and you literally have no idea where it may take you.
Do you regret not going to 6th form?
Good question, I do in the sense that I have kind of disowned my friends and I don't really speak to them as much. But no, I love College and I love how much freedom is gives me. I wouldn't have had all the opportunities I have had as well, and I would have missed the amazing people I now call friends.
Do you have any 'friends'?
'Friends' excuse me? Just because I don't go licking every…