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My 2015.

2015 has definitely been a year to remember, from having no friends to the best friends, crying at College to passing with flying colours; this year has been a whirl wind of emotions and events. I believe on this blog that I highlight my highs and lows, no matter how silly they are.
I passed my driving test which was one of the happiest days of my life, I don't think I've ever felt prouder than holding that certificate in my hands. You'll always pass eventually, no matter how long it takes you. Don't give up!This blog got 6000 (It's now currently 6895) subs, which is amazing. I made this blog to tell people how I felt, to express myself and share my ranting moments and lush highs, to be called 'Passive Aggressive' and to be slagged off at dinner tables throughout Cumbria. I went to Paris, Disney Land and seen the Eiffel Tower (That's another story, check out my 18th birthday post for more on that). A dream came true when I was able to go to Paris to cele…