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The one were I talk about death.

I don't know what made me want to write about this, maybe it was recently talking about my Grandad or maybe it's the fact that I'm nearly 18 which means it's nearly been 2 years since he left me. Death is a horrible thing, it's even worse if you never get the chance to say goodbye.

My Grandad was my world, he took me on so many adventures, holidays and spontaneous trips away. He taught me to ride a bike, even though I would give up and fall off, even then he would give me a hug and make me try again. He would ring every toy shop in the county to make sure I woke up with the doll I wanted for Christmas, even if it meant having to drive to the nearest city. He would pick me up from school and help me with my geography homework. My Grandad was and is the reason why I smile very day. Because, some people don't have a chance to have a Grandad as cool as mine was, one who would build swings for me and make my wellies which light up, literally.
We used to argue, Gran…

Top 5 Books!

I love a good book, I love a book which will make me want to read in every possible hour. I love a book which will make me forget about my phone and social media and want to go to bed and read 'another chapter' hmm, haven't we all heard that one before?I have to admit, my top 10 books are mostly all about love stories or kissing your bestfriend.Where rainbows end- Cecilia Ahern.
I love this book, more than any other book in the world. I have a copy of it which you cant even buy anymore. I love the start, middle and end of the book. I love each and every letter, text message and email which has been sent. What i don't like is the awful flim which was made from it. To even call it a re make was disgusting, big fat no from and my Mam who got very excited and then very dissapointed. I like that in a book you, as the reader can make up your own images of what everyone looks like, how they eat their dinner and how their voices change when they relaise their bestfriend is get…

Yes, I'm the only girl.

I go back to college soon which I am so so so so excited about!! I get to see all my friends again, have an actual routine and will be awake before midday. This time last year I was shitting myself for results which turned out pretty good and I was even more apprehensive about going to college. On the 26th of August 2014 I went to college for my induction, which lasted around 20 minutes. That was the day I finally seen who I was going to spend two years of my life with.

Surprise, surprise I was the only girl.. Great. Fast forward to now, I've made friends with most of my course, obviously some of us didn't click and I don't have a interest in computer games apart from sims. But anyways, I love college now and I love the people who I now call best friends, even though they went traveling with me and didn't invite me.nno hard feelings though lads.
Keep reading if you want to find the a to your q.

I'm nearly an adult...

My birthday is approaching a little faster than I would like. I'm turning 18, an age which I feel like I've been wanting to be since I turned 13. Think about it, I can buy my own alcohol, my own cigarettes even though I don't smoke and I can get a credit card, which I'm not because I know I'll abuse it. I thought I would have my life together, have some sort of order put into place and maybe at least have a boyfriend. Oh how wrong I was, how naive I was and how much my 13 year olds self diary makes me laugh. It's full of "He looked at me, that;s it I'm in love." or "When I grow up we are going to have kids." Okay Anna, calm yourself down kidda.

When you're a kid you want to grow up, you want to be a adult and do adult things. you're going to be disappointed if you think you wake up on your 13th birthday and re-enact the Kevin and Perry scene when he turns into a teenager and I'm pretty sure I won't walk down stairs on my…

Life advice with Nanna.

There is recently a lot of 'Facebook famous' kids going around with videos offering words of advice which are utter bollocks. Literally, piles of shit. So, because my network is growing and has a hearty number of supporters right now I thought I'd embrace the inner 80 year old woman in me and give you some life advice. That's right kids, Nanna Anna is back on the scene.

GCSE at your at your age, assuming that the age range who reads this blog are around school age are the most important thing you can have. I don't care what people say and I don't care if "Richard Branson left school with no qualifications." You need them. Botoxs and fillers and being pretty will not provide food for your family of make your bank account overflow with money. Yes, even models actually need qualifications, to work at Mcdonalds you need GCSE. Ignore these idiots who are brain washing the generation of today with nonsense.Results day will be the hardest day of your life an…

My big, fat story- Part 2.

A few months back I posted a blog post called My big, fat story, which went a bit mental. I had thousands of views on it from all over the place. People were intrigued on how I coped with being, well being fat. People were also amused at how freely I talked about the side effects of being 'fat' and how happy I am. But after all the nice comments, lovely messages and views, I got a message off a boy. I won't name him because that's unfair, this boy was my bully, the person who made me cry, who made me scared to go into school. this boy ruined my life, until he left that is. I won't copy down the whole message because that's also very unfair. "Hey I don't know if you remember me, I remember you that's for sure. I just want to say sorry for everything and that I was stupid and I never knew how much it hurt you. I hope you can forgive me and we can move on. Great post!" That's a rough idea of what he put, apart from most of it was in text lang…

People who inspire me.

On days like today when I'm feeling pretty shitty, with shitty weather, shitty hair and I'm arguing with anyone who will reply, today's a good day to recap on the amazing people in my life. The people who inspire me. Firstly I need to start off with my Mam. I love her with every bone in my sulky arse, expensive taste, spotty self. She has bounced back after everything. My Mam and Dad split when I was 2 and she gave me an amazing childhood full of toasting marshmallows in front of the fire when we were skint. it made me realise that money really doesn't make the world go round. I can remember when I was little that she used to come into my room every night to see if I was okay, and I used to feel so loved. Or when it was Christmas eve and I used to sleep in her bed so that Santa could see I was a good girl. I was scared and a little broken when my Grandad died and I thought that this would break her. It made us stronger, closer and so much better. She is forever my bes…

Dare to be a dreamer in a world which believes in reality.

It thrills me to be a apart of a blog crawl, I love seeing other bloggers do their thing, I'm second on this crawl because I was too scared to go first! The blog crawl was kindly put together by Debrina Wright-Williams for her upcoming Dreamers 2 Doers Retreat Inspired by “The Desire Map”, all links will be situated down below like always!

The deal was that everyone involved will explain about being a dreamer and how they accomplish their dreams, at least that's how I'm doing it. During this blog post I'm going to ask you questions, it would be cool if you could all comment and let me know the answers!

Sleepy dreams vs. Go and do them dreams.

something which has always confused me, I'm a firm believer that the dreams you have at night are messages from your future, an indication to what is going to happen. I like to believe that on the night I lost my Grandad that it was him making me have that dream, so I didn't panic. maybe I am just looking for answers to a q…