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Does Make Up really matter?

Over these past few years I have began my journey into the world of make up. I normally don't really wear make up on a day to day basis and I feel comfortable meeting people with a bare face. This doesn't stop me from spending money I don't have on products I don't need. Opps!

So does make up really matter? Does it really make that much of a difference. So to make up my mind I put make up on half my face. I'm not sure whether to be thrilled or slightly scared.

This is the final product and all I can say is, no wonder I'm single! I take it back, make up is god! It looks so freaky and I feel scared to look at the photo because I feel like it's something out of a horror. I don't think you notice how much it makes a difference until you see this. I didn't pile on my make up and I probably used less than I would normally use, which is even more scary.

As I said, I am comfortable by being bare face for 6 days a week, but I always make a effort at least 4…

Happy Anna= Happy post!

I love this blog, it is like my little baby and I will defend it until I'm on my death bed. It has changed my life dramatically and I cannot thank you enough. You, you reading this blog post have changed the little girl from Workington who wasn't very happy into this woman who is ready to fight a world of generation back lash!

When I posted my blog post about my weight, I was slightly sceptical of how things where going to go.I didn't want to send everyone the wrong message, but I didn't want people to think it was for attention. But it was, in a way the only way I thought to get people thinking about weight and diets was to tell everyone my own story. That blog post was just a chip into the rock. But thanks to you, I have been 'found' by a advertising company who is offering more money and a better range of clients for me to review. This is a huge step for a girl who types this blog in her living room or on the bus.

I also want to say thank you to everyone wh…

Me at my heaviest - My big, fat story.

This post is very much inspired by the lovely Fabulous and Us, I'll give you the links below. For the past month or so, I have been feeling some what 'Meh' at myself and my weight. Some days I love having a belly and boobs and some days I hate having a belly and that I have fat, everywhere. Dear god I say boobs quite a lot, sorry.

11 Stone 12 pounds at Prom. My all time lightest!
To get me back on track, I looked at photos of me throughout my big, fat story. This blog was made for me to be truthful with everyone and myself. I hate talking about my weight and that number on the scales. Here we go.. At my heaviest I was 14 stone 4 pounds. My heaviest is now. I could say it is 14 stone 4 pounds of awesome or fun, but lets face it. That's bullshit.

Let me tell you about my weight loss story, which started 2 years ago. My little cousins where going to the gym and I got bribed into going, I hated it. I smelt, I was sweaty and most of all, I left the gym still a size 16 and …

Q&A #2

Yesterday I asked all of you to ask me questions for this Q&A, the results where amazing, so thank you. I'm sorry if your questions aren't on here, but I would be typing all day and I have things to do.

What is your favourite drink from Costa? Okay, now don't skit me. But I'm more of a iced Lemonade type of girl. A caramel Latte on a Monday Morning is always nice though.
Are you a Costa or Starbucks type of girl? Costa, Starbucks is over rated. I just go there to see if they put Hannah instead of Anna.
If you could have unlimited supply of any Lush product, what would it be? Catastrophe cosmetic face mask. It is amazing. Like, even better than Cupcake. 
What would you recommend from Lush for dry skin? Cupcake was really good for my skin when it was dry. It used to scrub off all the dead skin. Yes I know that sounds horrible. And, it made my skin feel amazing. and then I would use a cleanser, like Aqua Marina. But if you are interested, go into Lush and ask them. They p…

My Boy Friend answers some questions about me. Part 2.

Like my other blog, which attracted a lot of attention, I asked Corey who is my Boy Friend to answer some questions about me.

18th September.

What is my favourite beauty item?
Them smelly lip glosses you sniff.

Who is my idol?
Me or Katie Price.

Which pair of shoes could I not live without?
Your black docs.

What do I have pierced?
Belly and Nipple.

Am I single?
I hope so, unless we need words! But you do have that one boy...

Greatest fear?
Getting lost.

When I first came to College, what was the first thing you said to me?
Something about the fact that I could see your bra. Yes, I get that it probably wasn't the greatest conversation starter.

This is 100% cheesy, but I think it's cute. Where am I going for my 18th?
Paris without me, I hate you.

Who are my bestfriends?
Me, Karl, Dan, Nice Dan, and Luke from Workington?

Where do I go for dinner if you aren't here?
Karens baguettes and then the Cathedral. But that never happens any more because now you have friends.

At a party…

Summer faves!

It’s that time of day again! Friday tomorrow this is always good! In sat in college, supposedly doing assignments but really I'm listening to Nina Nesbitt, looking at hotels for a break away and then starting this blog post. So today’s subject is actually a question I got asked a few weeks back.

'Anna, what are your summer favourites?'

This is a really hard question and I answer was a bit vaguely because two reasons, one, because she asked whilst it was raining and I hadn't even thought about summer and two, I kind of forgot I had some favourites. So after this slight dilemma, I sat down and went through all my ‘summer stuff’. This won’t just be beauty stuff, its everything I couldn't live without. I've had a few viewers from out of the UK, asking what the hell I'm going on about in some products. This is probably because some items I mention aren't available in other countries, so from now on, I’ll try and find out if you can get it in different counti…

What's actually in Anna's bag (suitcase).

I was very well known in School for having a bag, some may even call it a suitcase. Many people often wondered what I actually had in the bag, and why it had to be so big. As I go to College now, my bag has got even bigger and some days I even carry two bags. Shock horror, I get you.

My bag has every day essentials in for girls and sometimes for boys, and most of the time it's filled with course work and pieces of paper. So today I emptied my bag out and was slightly shocked with everything which came out of it.

2 hair brushes.4 tubs of lip balm.A shit load of hair slides.Chewing gum.Chewing gum which has came out of its packet.3 half eaten sandwiches, chilli chicken if you really wanted to know.Paracetamol, I must buy a new packet every time I can't find one.A paint brush.Ruler.Course work.Nail varnish, which I thought I had lost.Mac lipstick, I don't even wear make up to College.Socks, because you never know when you might step in a wet puddle (A wet puddle Anna, really?)…

My first time


1. FIRST Youtube video you ever watched?
I've just went through allll of my history for this question! It was a sims 2 cheat tutorial, because who has time to actually make money?
2. FIRST person you subscribed to on YouTube?
3. Do you still talk to your FIRST love?
Yep, every day!
4. FIRST kiss?
Mam, please don't read this. Don't tell anyone, but it was the bus station. Classy, I know.
5. FIRST alcoholic drink?
Shandy when I was about 2.
6. FIRST car?
Ford fiesta, called ruby roo.
7. FIRST job?
8. FIRST pet?
Dog called Fred.
9. FIRST celebrity crush?
Zac Effron, wasn't he everyone's?
10. FIRST real boyfriend?
Again, mam please don't read this. What a shit question to ask. I'm going to say D (I've put D so you can't all stalk him.)

11. Who was the FIRST person to text you today?
Dan, to tell me that I was stupid.

12. Who was your FIRST grade teacher?
Miss Brown.

13. Where was your FIRST sleepover?
Jordie (My old school friend.) do…

How to get over a breakup and not have a breakdown in the process.

This might be one of my most requested posts ever. Falling out with your boyfriend/girlfriend can be tough. It can be hard for you to come to terms that all them promises and plans you have made, probably won’t happen or last. Sorry to break it to you.

Now, I've had my fair share of break ups and boys just wondering in and out of my life. Treating me like some sort of walk in centre of attention when they need it. So, I think I can say I'm a wannabe expert at this kind of stuff. Here are some rules you need to follow and make them realise that you don’t need their sorry ass anymore.

1. Delete everything. Dear god, I wish I found this out sooner rather than later. Delete all their texts they once sent you, delete all the picture of you two kissing or what not. And for god sake, please delete them off snap chat. Snapchating them saying ‘so sad, going to bed’ will not win them back. Let them go and laugh when they run back.

2. Cry. Cry until your eyes hurt and you have a snotty …