Q&A #2

Yesterday I asked all of you to ask me questions for this Q&A, the results where amazing, so thank you. I'm sorry if your questions aren't on here, but I would be typing all day and I have things to do.

What is your favourite drink from Costa?
Okay, now don't skit me. But I'm more of a iced Lemonade type of girl. A caramel Latte on a Monday Morning is always nice though.

Are you a Costa or Starbucks type of girl?
Costa, Starbucks is over rated. I just go there to see if they put Hannah instead of Anna.

If you could have unlimited supply of any Lush product, what would it be?
Catastrophe cosmetic face mask. It is amazing. Like, even better than Cupcake. 

What would you recommend from Lush for dry skin?
Cupcake was really good for my skin when it was dry. It used to scrub off all the dead skin. Yes I know that sounds horrible. And, it made my skin feel amazing. and then I would use a cleanser, like Aqua Marina. But if you are interested, go into Lush and ask them. They probably know more than me and can actually see your skin.

Are you single?

Will you and Corey ever get together?
No, never. And that's not a nasty thing either. He's my bestfriend, I trust him with my life. I can't risk loosing all that if we fell out. He's currently in the process of moving to Newcastle to achieve his dream. I just can't see how it would work.

What's the difference between nice Dan and nasty Dan? Who are they?
I knew this was going to be asked. God, this is awkward. One of my bestfriends is Dan, he is nice Dan. Nasty Dan, is my ex (Sorry Dan!) he's not nasty any more, just everyone from College now names him that.

What inspired you to call your blog Unicorns and Fairy Dust?
I'm not really sure. I was just sitting in my chair one night and decide to create another blog. It just came into my head and boom! Unicorns and Fairy Dust came alive. But, as you all know, I love Unicorns and as Corey said, I'm the same size as a Fairy.

Why don't you do nail tutorials any more?
I ran out of time. If you are from the old blog you will have been there when I left school and had a lot of time on my hands. I love doing nails, I really do. but I work in a job were I'm not allowed to wear nail polish and attend a course where I'm not allowed to wear fake nails or nail polish. If you want them back, I'll clean my fake hand and start doing them again!

What is the one thing you would change?
I would change how people looked at me. It takes 22 seconds to make a first impression and I sometimes feel like I don't always give off a good one. I'm either really quiet and shy or rapping to some music a boy from where I'm from made, to my friends. There is no in between with me.

Do you miss school?
I miss the jelly pots more than the actual school. Southfield will forever have a place in my heart.

Will you ever expose your other blog?
I get asked this a lot. I don't want to say never, because I might transfer some of the content over to this blog. That blog was my saviour, it has memories I never want to relive. It has confessions only I know. Yes, I know I put it on the internet for the world to see. But people who viewed it didn't know me. I don't know, maybe. Wait and see.

Favourite nail polish?
Persian from Barry M.

What is the main thing you want out of this blog?
I just want people to see that it is fine to be different. That it's perfectly acceptable to be unique. I want to create a blog which everyone can relate to, sometime in their life. I would love to write a book, a teenagers manual. I have loads of ideas. I just want to  help people, give people the help I really needed 2 years ago.

Hope I answered all your questions for you, and gave you the answers you wanted! I'll have a think about nail tutorials and have a peek on Youtube to see what's going on.


X x x

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