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Christmas want list- 2015

Christmas is on the horizon and I'm getting very excited, Costa have their Christmas drinks out (minus the Hot Apple, to mine and my Mams great disappointment). Around this time everyone tells me "Anna, I just don't know what to get you for Christmas!!" "Money, I'm poor."

Below I have created my top 5 things I wish to receive off the big fella, I don't care if these are a bit strange, I want them, okay??

Okay, so maybe this one is the most unlikely present I will receive but a girl can wish! I love Unicorns as you all may (or should) know. I have 5 Unicorn teddies on my bed at all time, apart from when Austin is staying because he just throws them on the floor- how rude! I would be a very happy girl if I could pet a Unicorn and call it mine, so Santa, you better get your thinking cap on!

Urban Decay ultimate palette
This palette has been floating around the internet for a while now, I hate a very known love at relationship with Urban Decay but…

I do Engineering, but I'm still straight.

I get a lot of messages, emails and comments about my sexuality; because I do engineering. People new to my course asked me and I can see why, but that doesn’t mean it’s right to ask.At college I am the scruffiest person ever, I’m lazy, I talk about un-lady things and I quite happily eat a burger, chicken nuggets, strawberry milkshake and a mcflurry in front of the boys. But I’m still straight.I am basically one of the lads and I get told things which are disgusting and probably shouldn’t be told to girls, but I’m still straight.I wear docs, a staple piece of footwear which I love and I get recognized by. I wear black but I’m not a Goth, I wear docs but I’m still straight.90 per cent of my friends are boys, they know me better than anyone, I hang round with them, fist pump them and tell them off when they swear in front of me, but I’m still straight.I genuinely do have a strange passion towards designing buildings and bridges, I love working out mathematical equations about loads and …

6000 SUBS!!

This post probably won't make sense, sorry. Even though I've been blogging under the name as Unicorns and Fairy Dust for a long time, I still find it weird that people read it. I find it even weirder when people read it who I'd never expect to. I still think they are taking the piss when they said it was a good post this week or they message me to tell me that the post really helped them.

I'm no way Zoella or Gabby or even Tanya burr. I'm Anna and I blog about things which get on my nerve and the fact that I'm fat.
This post is a thank you post, a post to say how much I love you all and how much you all have changed my life. Yeah it is nice to have this as part of my job, it's lovely to get free stuff but I never set up this blog to get that, I set this up to help you. If you're reading this and contemplating whether or not to make a blog, do it. Even if you never publish a post, just do it. I have 30 unpublished posts because I know they are just rant…