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Dear my first love..

Dear you,I can remember as clear as anything the first time we spoke and I sort of clocked that it was different to normal talk. You used to make me laugh at my phone for hours, god how stupid I looked. Before I met you, I wanted to make sure you weren't some 50 year old pervert, so we skyped. I was so scared but all you were bothered about was the pot doll which was "looking into your soul." You don't have a soul. There's no doubt that you made me happy, you did. When we first met I was borderline sick and I phoned you and said I didn't want to meet you, sorry about that I'm not sorry. We did meet though.. after you slipped, fell on your arse and tried to act cool.See, I met you at a time when I needed someone, I needed a friend as corny as that sounded and maybe I did rush into it. Maybe we both did. I don't really understand why I always got the blame, why it was always me who rushed into it and it was all my fault. Because, why was it always my fa…

Shut up and listen to me.

I've been feeling a bit blue these past couple of weeks, hence why I haven't really been that social and active on this site. Part of my brain wants to quit and another part of me, mostly my heart wants to keep going because I love my job.

when you say you're a blogger people don't really take it seriously, they think you just type a load of shit and send it out to the internet. But it's so much harder than that.

Firstly you have to come up with a idea, one which will attract people and make your followers want to stay and not leave. That's the hardest part.. One of the hardest parts of this job. You also have to check multiple times that what you're about to blog about isn't someone elses idea, obviously everyone's blogged about the collection concealer but you have to be careful not to copy. Because bloggers are bitchy and they hate it when someone copies their idea, so don't.

Then you have to type it, write it and then delete it because you&#…

2015 favourites!

Last year was a whirlwind of every emotion I could face. But I entered 2016 kissing my boyfriend and eating chips and BBQ dip. I was thinking about things which I used over and over again last year and I suppose you could call them by yearly favourites. I always get told off by you lot for rambling on at the start of a blog post, so I’m going to shut up and let you read it. Enjoy!
Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation in Cool BoneThis is my go to make up product, I’ve tried numerous others, spent a fortune on drugstore and other brands and I still always go back to this. I done a review on this a few months back and I still love it. It’s matte which is perfect for my oily skin (even though on certain times of the month it goes a tad combo), it stays in place for ages and I have been known to just apply some more powder and go out the next day, disgusting I know. It’s got a super coverage and with the right primer it doesn’t sink into pours. What’s not to love about this? Well.. The price…

How to beat 'Christmas Blues'

I feel like everyone is a tad depressed in January, a month of nothing really. Nothing exciting
happens, everyone's skint and most of us are a few pounds heavier meaning our favourite pair of
jeans are tight around the arse area. I've listed a few things to lighten up everyone’s mood, make a few of you feel a bit better about the whole month and of course, try to be as cheap as possible.

1. You’ve all probably got new pj’s for Christmas, if not go and ask your parents why they don’t love you because that is really bad and my heart goes out to you. Take your pj’s, the left over celebrations and other various chocolates which are dotted around your house, switch on Netflix* and 100% watch what we did on our holiday. You will be so much happier and all it has cost you is you feeling a little bit sick with all them damn Malteesers chocolates you have just devoured.

2. Have a feel good day, I’ve been off college for a month and most days poor Austin has seen me in my comfy clothes…