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Having 2 friends is ok, trust me.

I’m not sure where this blog is going to take me, I’m not sure of the content or how I’m going to word it. One thing I am sure of is that this post is going to be a appreciation post, a post to celebrate the fact that I have 2 friends, and I’m okay with that. I’m okay with having two friends because of what they really are, my friends. These are the two girls who I can text at half 8 at night, on a Wednesday and 20 minutes later we are revving my engine far too loud whilst I try to rap. These are the people who I twine to, get advice from and get me very drunk at any possible second. These are the girls who I send ugly snapchats to, screen shots of strange and a bit sick things to. I don’t need 20 friends; I need 2 friends who I can rely on no matter what. Now, to the people who have made me feel this way, to the people who had the power to ruin me, to break me; and to make me feel like I had made the worst possible choice. To the people who have pretended to be my friend, who have let …

Blog Advice | What, How, When?

I recently got my blog seen/ noticed and since then I have been bombarded by emails and companies wanting me on their side. I didn't say no. It's hard, exhausting and sometimes I want to quit, but I never.  A few people have asked me to explain to them how to get noticed, so this really makes the prefect blog post!
Really, find out what you want to blog about. If that's beauty, lifestyle, photography, tips, I love cats appreciation, food or anything you want. You need to figure out what you want to be known as.Find a blog site which is easy to use and free. Don't be fooled with sites which asks you to pay (other than WordPress which can be free, but this site has packages.) Some good ones to use are either blogger (which I use), WordPress, which many people use, Webly and many others. I signed up to a few and played around until I found one I was comfortable with.Get a note pad. I have a note pad which I carry around and write down any future blog post ideas or anything…

Having a step family.

My mam got married to James (shoutout to James, peace) and with him came two children, Theo and Olivia. This meant we had to move house, move in together and share the same bathroom. As you can may tell, I hated the idea and ordered that I would have the largest room in the house. Having step siblings can be the best and worst thing to happen. Suddenly I had these two kids in my home, using my bathroom, sharing my bread and stealing my Nutella. This is what I've learnt whilst having a step family.
Number one. Never leave Nutella unattended, it will be eaten. Number two. You will always have to queue for the toilet in the morning, you just gotta pray it's for a wee. Number three. Accept that the toilet seat will always be up when any boys have had a wee, just accept it and move on. Number four. Just because one might be around the same age does not mean you have to be friends. Trust me, I don't even speak to my step sister. Number five. The first Christmas together will be the w…


I like doing updates, it means I don't have to tell people over and over again about the same old crack. Just a few updates about life, University and this blog. Enjoy!

Life in general.

Now I'm 18 (Did I mention that I'm 18? Well, I'm 18) I can legally go out and get drunk, Isn't that right Mam? I bought a shirt dress from Select because it was cheap and for once I actually felt nice in something. I just felt grown up and I looked my age for once. I had a great night which was filled with Private Bin, fish bowls and me getting stalked by my ex. Classic night out! I was going to take loads of pictures but we just had a really good night and I hardly looked on my phone! Cheers for the great night Caitlin and Jade, sorry about them photos which I 'made' you look at!

The hair of doom.

Okay.. Now don't all shout at me but.. ikindofbleachedbyhairandnowitsgreen.. Okay I'm sorry. My hair faded to this pink/grey colour which, if it was all the same colour woul…