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Friday the 13th.

As I sit in my tiny uni room, covered in unicorn themed items, surrounded by empty bottles of saka water; I wonder. how did I get here?

First off, I'm not at Bolton anymore. I can honestly say, it was the worst decision of my life to even think bout going there. I hated it, I hated the people, I despised my shitty flat with shitty flat mates who had my life (P.S I'LL PUT MY BACON WHEREVER I WANT). I hated the course, I hated my lecturer. It made me depressed and I knew that I wasn't going to return.

So I quit. I sent a email to my tutor which said "You're shit, I'm not coming back"- He hasn't replied yet. Then came the difficult part of 'Shit Anna what the fuk are you gonna do??' and then came the constant reminder from the back of my brain that I was a failure.

Somehow, through clearing and pure luck, I got into Uclan, or Preston uni.

And I bloody love it. I love my silly mates, I love my dirty flat, I love the nightlife and most importantly;…

Dear the boy who nearly broke me, but didn't.

Dear you,

I was needy, and so were you. I needed attention, comfort and to know that I wasn't broke.

You gave me everything I wanted, you gave me attention, you took me away on breaks to the city, you bought me make up and chicken nuggets. You told me I was perfect; even when I'd just woken up and I still had last nights make up on. You said you'd keep me safe from my ex, that he was nothing. You supported me throughout my uni days, you video called me when I was crying and wanted to come home. You bought me kebabs even though you were 126 miles away from me, just because I was craving chicken. You were my everything, my world and my all.

... And then I came back from uni and it all changed. It had changed over the weeks, slowly. We talked less, argued more but I put it down to me. I stressed myself out with exams, I know. I didn't sleep or eat because I didn't want people to think I was a failure. I was stressed, you were stressed but I still tried. You gave up on…


Living in student halls is shit at the best of times, you have a small room, you have to share a bathroom with people who normally don't flush, you have to share a shower and hope you don't find any stray hairs and you have to share a fridge; which is a pain in the fucking arse. You can't have a shower at 1am, you feel awkward cooking bacon at 4am because you're hungry and unlike being at home, you get judged for running to the bathroom in a tshirt an knickers. I personally cannot wait to get out of this jail cell, which Bolton uni kindly charge me 80 pounds a week for. I cannot wait to fill my freezer up with chicken nuggets and have no order at all with my fridge contents. If you haven't guessed, I'm having my own flat next year, and I cannot bloody wait.

Here are my pros and cons of student prison.
You get to meet a lot of people, you get people in the same boat as you. shout out to Jordan, Leah and Leon, my original uni friends.Freshers is so much better…

Where I'm at body wise- 2017 UPDATE

A big portion of this blog is about my body, my weight and my body confidence. Both the happy parts and the bad bits. I promised you all I would never sugar coat anything for you because I want people to see the real Anna.

The first update is that I'm still fat, I'm still over weight but I can still fit into Topshop jeans so it means that I haven't put on any weight since last year. I still have dreams about being a size 8, having cheek bones and just showing off some bones in general. Then I see a cake and think "Na, lets have cake". It's a very confusing circle.

I'll insert a picture below to show you a current body image of me. Coming to uni has certainly changed the way I see myself and it's helped in a massively good way. In Workington I'd never dream of going round town with a skirt on or a crop top, or even how I normally dress at uni and on nights out in Bolton. when I'm back home I feel like uni has spoilt nights out now because I fee…

2016, you absolute legend.

So it's that time of the new year, where I think about everything I done last year and either laugh or cry. Let's face it, i done both. Here are my 2016 doll moments and disaster moments.


I went on so many adventures with my best friends, it's amazing what 20 quids worth of petrol, brit awards 2008 cd and 99p chicken mayo can do. I've seen some of the prettiest sights, spent nights in my car near enough pissing myself laughing, I've nearly killed Chris and Jade so many times.I made so many new friends, went to a lot of parties and experienced a lot of hangovers. 2016 was the year Anna and vodka got into a relationship.I got into bloody uni, a thing a year ago I thought would never happen. Actually, a year ago I hadn't even applied for uni. so much for a gap year, Anna.I experienced freshers week and survived.I learnt how to be independent, something which O think my Mam struggles to cope with because 20 weeks ago I didn't even know how to not burn pasta…