2016, you absolute legend.

So it's that time of the new year, where I think about everything I done last year and either laugh or cry. Let's face it, i done both. Here are my 2016 doll moments and disaster moments.


  1. I went on so many adventures with my best friends, it's amazing what 20 quids worth of petrol, brit awards 2008 cd and 99p chicken mayo can do. I've seen some of the prettiest sights, spent nights in my car near enough pissing myself laughing, I've nearly killed Chris and Jade so many times.
  2. I made so many new friends, went to a lot of parties and experienced a lot of hangovers. 2016 was the year Anna and vodka got into a relationship.
  3. I got into bloody uni, a thing a year ago I thought would never happen. Actually, a year ago I hadn't even applied for uni. so much for a gap year, Anna.
  4. I experienced freshers week and survived.
  5. I learnt how to be independent, something which O think my Mam struggles to cope with because 20 weeks ago I didn't even know how to not burn pasta.
And with the good... Comes the bad.

  1. Lets start off with the most obvious, I fell out with my boyfriend. I'm saying this knowing that all my friends and most of my family expected this and didn't exactly support it in the first place. It did wreck me, but that's another blog post.
  2. I had first hand experience of student poverty, thank the lord of Mr overdraft.
  3. I lost my best friend and it upsets me every day that they won't be around to see me graduate.
  4. I lost myself completely and made some of the biggest regrets of my lifer in July. I went totally off the rails and I hurt so many people, I drank far too much, I done things which I'll never forget and I lost people I can never get back.
  5. I let people dictate what I done with my life, I let people who have no right tell me what I should be doing. With that, I lost the funky Anna everyone knows. So this is to you, Miss I'm trying to wreck Annas life because mine's so shit. I will always be better than you, I will always win every battle. Never, ever think that you can put me down and make me cry on my Mams' shoulder ever again, I won 2016, bitch.
There are other events which have happened, I spent time with Oscar and he tells me on a regular basis how much he loves me and how much he misses me. I found out I was getting a new cousin who is due any minute now (so hurry up), I spent so much more time with Mesia and my gorgeous adopted son, Albie. I've met friends for life at uni and made some enemies along the way. I found the confidence within me to start live videos on my facebook page, Unicorns and Fairy Dust  (go like it!). I met a boy for a short while who majorly fucked me off and it's quite laughable.

Overall, 2016 has been the best year, with the best people and the best memories. 2017, you've got some living up to do, pal!

Anna's best bits
Drunk Anna

Green haired Anna ft. Caitlin

Happy Anna ft. Jade, who's gonna kill me for putting this photo on.

Oscar Smell eating my slush, even though he has his.

Excited Anna about to see Kath Ryan in Newcastle with Braderz

Unicorn Anna

Full blown Unicorn Anna with bad Unicorn Charlie

One of my last Sunday adventures with the usual people, Jade, Morgan and Chris. Taken in Whitehaven Mcdonalds, whilst Frank the seagull scared us all and wanted to kill us

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