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A letter to my English Teacher.

Dear Sir,

This letter will probably have spelling errors, miss used punctuation and Similes which doesn't make sense- a proper 'Anna' letter.

See, you're the only person who made me believe in myself (And yes, I still use the face that beLIEve has a lie in it). Who told me that just because my target was much lower than my potential, a letter on a sticker should not stop me from doing my best. You used to constantly tell me that the way I wrote was unique and it's very rare someone can write like they speak, "You write like you would have a conversation, but dear god Anna, why so much glitter?"- The time I used glitter for a mood board and you were finding it two years later.

From shouting at me in the corridors what PEE stands for, to asking me what I'm going to get as GCSE results; then getting very angry at me when I shouted back "D".

You made me believe in myself. From skitting me about my bag, to my obsession with glitter and Jordan. Ev…

10 things I want to achieve before I go to University.

I go to Uni in 95 days and it's only just hit me that I've done fuck all this year. Summer holidays are approaching so I think it's time to do some crazy things with my friends (I mean Austin, Chris, Jade and Caitlin count right??) I've composed a realistic list of things I want to do, and in 95 days I'll come back and see how many I've done!

I want to go for a late night adventure to somewhere, I'm talking about 1am drives to Blackpool to get some pizza.I want to go camping somewhere, have no signal for facebook or snapchat and fail at making a fire.I want to go on an actual date with Austin, get dressed up and talk about random shit. in 95 days I'm not going to see him every day, I don't think either of us have let that sink in yet. *HINT HINT AUSTIN PET*Take Oscar to Barrow zoo, or even just a day out, just us two. I've seen Oscar at least twice a week since he was born and to then see him once a month is going to be a massive change for us, …



It feels like forever and ever (Amen?) since I last wrote a blog post. basically, because it has been! With moving house, having no internet and my phone being a dickhead; I haven't been able to blog.

I'm back though, I'm back and I'm never, ever leaving you guys ever again! In case you've missed the last few blog posts I'll link them here, here and here for you to look at!

So a life update..

I'll just jump into the deep end and hope to god a attractive life guard comes and saves me... I'm hoping to go to University in September, 100 miles away from my Gran, my bed and my boyfriend. We've been going out for 8 months and the most time we've spent apart is 2 days. When and if I go to University I'll be seeing him once a month. ONCE A FUCKING MONTH. Now, this makes me sad because once a month seems like nothing but I'm also excited to see how we cope.

I've also become a bit of a alcoholic in these recent few weeks, I bla…