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Skin care routine 2016.

Hello my lovelies! This post has been requested a lot, so I thought I'd make you guys happy! Some of the products are kindly sponsored or are gifts from various companies. Like always, these will be notified with a * and a direct link to the web page. I try my hardest to make sure all products are available worldwide, but sometimes this can't be helped. Some of the products used in this post may be tested on animals and may not be suitable for Vegans or people who don't agree with that sort of thing. With that all said and done, lets carry on with the post.

My skin care routine doesn't really change if I'm wearing make up or not, as I'm prone to spots and break outs I always like to use quite hard and strong products. I have combination kin, at the minute it is quite dry on my temples and oily everywhere else.

I made 2016 the year that I was going to sort out my skin and ever since I said that I've had so many break outs it makes me feel a bit sick. Most o…


I found out last week that I disgust people, and I was fullt clothed, wearing a bra and I wasn't swearing. So what was it? I'll tell you what it is was, it was my muffin top, my over –hang and most importantly- my flab. But you see, this flab reminds me of a time in my life when I was thinner. It’s not fat as such, it’s skin which was stretched and now is, slightly less stretched. I bought this skirt will all knowledge that my belly would stick out but I accepted that.

So dear body shamers/ that girl who told me I was fat at the age of 10/ that man who told me I should only drink diet coke, yet he was drinking frosty jacks out of a bag.
My belly is a part of me, I know it’s there, when I lost all my weight, it was still there. If I wear a skirt and my belly is ‘there’ don’t you dare ask if I’m pregnant, don’t you dare ask how much I weight and don’t you ever, criticize how I dress “because it doesn’t suit my body shape”. I will dress how I want, some days that’s in sweat pants…

NUTELLA CHAT: My Newcastle outfit.

When this blog goes up, so right now, I'm currently in Newcastle with my friend Bradley, probably getting very drunk. I'm wanting to go for a edgy look, but also casual. Not to casual though, as we're going out on the Toon.

My outfit I personally love, but I know people are going to be horrified that it's near enough all black. I like black and I like that it matches my soul.

I LOVE these jeans because they are really soft and I love the fit of these jeans. They are rather pricey but the quality is great and they feel amazing on. I'm teaming this up with a white vest, my vintage jacket and some chunky heels (these ones below).
My make up is going to be quite dark, during the day I'm going to wear my Benefit Hello Flawless foundation and pressed powder with a copper smoky eye and Velvet Teddy on my lips. During the night, I'm going to have my make up looking something like this. I forgot my winged eye liner and I've just got my ABH eye shadow so I'l…


Now, before anyone else says, I know.. I know that roots are natural and without them well, there would be no hair or plants or other things I cant really be bothered to research about. My focus is on hair.

I dyed my hair a couple of weeks back, just before bank holiday Sunday and since then my hair has seemed to grow so much. I mean, maybe it has always grew this much but with having nothing on my roots, I couldn't or didn't notice. I love that my hair is growing, obv. But, I just hate roots and the fact that my hair is now black and my roots are brown makes me look like a right idiot.

I'm also very stuck on my hair style and colour right now as well, I feel like, because my hair is so darn thick I have lego hair and a bank balance which can't cope with forking out money to get it cut. I would like to go back to a brown for summer and still have my coloured ends but then again I want to go a full colour? What do you guys think?

Adding to that, I want to cut my fringe …

My Happy Week #3

My week has been actually lovely and I say this with the biggest smile on my face.

First off I've spent more time with my littlest cousin Oscar, who is the most loving little boy ever. We are best friends and there's not a week we don't spend time together. When I head off to Uni I'm not going to see him for months at a time and that really scares me, so I'm trying to make as many memories as possible. We've played games, pinched each others biscuit, tickled each other until were both crying and had lots and lots of cousin snuggles. He's 3 tomorrow and it's so scary that my baby cousin is getting bigger and can talk and you can actually have a conversation with him.

Secondly, I received an email off a company (who I can say just yet) to review some clothing and I'm really excited to share it with you. Blogging opens up so many doors for you and I find it really interesting to compare which companies come to me.

I always find it's the little thin…

NUTELLA CHAT: I'm scared

Someone reminded me on a facebook group that I don't have long left until I really need to sort my life out. In September I turn 19 and either spend it at home or away. I'm either going to be at university or at home.

And that fucking scares me.

Iv'e always had a big family around me and there is always a shoulder to cry on and a pair of ears to listen to your moans of life. People might be shocked to read that I'm pretty awkward when first meeting people and I'm no good in all that first impressions shit. Which, I'm pretty sure is key at University.. You know, like making friends and not being labelled the strange kid on your first day.

My Gran and Mam will be the first to admit that they have babied me since I was born. The whole concept of paying a phone bill and actually checking dates to see if the milk you've been drinking is turning into cheese. I've never had to do anything. I'm not saying if you gave me a pan, some chicken, rice or pasta a…