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You can tell it's been a while when I do a post like this. instead of doing mini posts on each topic I thought I'd get it all off my chest so we can focus on Christmas and the new year.

I'm single, yep I'm single and no longer in a relationship. A whole year and a bit together gone. For the fist week I was lost but now I've adapted and I'm ready to focus on Anna. There's no bad feelings, there's no hate. we just simply argued too much.

When I came to Uni I didn't realise all the things in a normal household I took for granted, like salt and pepper. have you seen how expensive they are? It's crazy. or tinfoil, tweezers, biscuits and most of all; toilet bloody paper. Before I came to uni me and my Mam worked out my budget and let me tell you, that all went to pot. I did not take into consideration that Annas' essentials and the worlds essentials are very different. I just thank the lord for sell by date and chopped tomatoes. Christmas is 3 we…

Life as a Cumbrian at University.

So this post is all about my experience being a Cumbrian at University. If you don't know, I study at Bolton University and this is my first year. I always assumed people would now where it is, boy I was so wrong

'Oh so you must go out in Tiger Tiger all the time then eh?' I will say it again for the people at the back. I AM NOT FROM NEWCASTLE, I AM NOT A GEORDIE, I LIVE ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE COUNTRY.

You WILL get funny looks from people when you ask "Alright *insert name* What's crack?" But no, I don't mean the drug, god sake people!

'Yeah I went to Cumbria once on a school trip, there's loads of lakes and stuff eh?' I will calmly try and tell you that rule number one of being a Cumbrians' best friend is that YOU UNDERSTAND THAT THERE IS ONE LAKE IN THE LAKE DISTRICT. And no, I don't know where you mean by 'We went to this forest to collect leaves, do you know where I mean?'

Near enough every southerner will think Cumbria is i…

My first week at Uni.

Todays post is all about my experience with the first week at University. shock horror, I'm using lists.

The kitchen is a prime place to make friends, everyone has to eat.Things WILL go missing- deal with it and buy new bread #breadgateYou'll soon realise no one gives a shit what you look like, so go out with no make up on. Do it!Toilet roll will be used so fast.Someone will ALWAYS use your washing up liquid if left out.Drinks are cheap on student nights out and freshers, after that you need a loan.Take aways are hella cheap.You'll miss your family, your bed, your mam. you might even want to go home after 24 hours. DON'T.You'll meet people from totally different walks of life, they will make you understand that maybe the friends at home aren't as special as you thought.Everyone is scared to go to the toilet and poo, just do it before you all shit yourself.triple vodkas kill maps will make you walk 2 miles for a 10 minute walk.having your birthday dur…

Me, myself and this little adventure called Uni.

You might have noticed that I've been very absent from the blogging world; this is because I lived. I lived and I played and I partied and I drank and I made lots of stupid and silly mistakes, I've danced beside lakes, sang my heart out at 3am and cried to my best friend over Uni.

I made a blog post about everything/everywhere I wanted to go and do in the 6 weeks off. The list is below so lets just see what I've actually achieved. Go for a late night adventure to somewhere. Did it happen? Yeah I suppose, late night adventures to Kendal for a KFC and then finding a lake but getting lost and ending up a mountain. Adventures are the best when you text you friend and tell them you'll be 10 minutes.Go camping. Did this happen? Did it heck! I'm so cringe I make myself feel sick.Go on a date with Austin. Did this happen? HAHAHAHAHAHHAHA NO.Take Oscar to the zoo. Did this happen? No, but I still love and miss him more than anything in this world.Dye my hair a bright colour…


I asked you guys to ask me questions and bloody hell you are all strange! Enjoy!
What is your favourite thing about being 18? Alcohol. Do you miss College? More than anyone could imagine! I miss all my boys so much, i feel like I've lost a leg or something. Will you carry on blogging when you go to University? Yes, I mean, I'm going to have to explain it to my flat mates that I'm not going crazy when they hear me talking to myself whilst filming. I hope to bring you a unedited version of University life. What's Sunday club? You would be asking this question if you had me on snapchat (annaltee), Sunday club is mine, Chris' and Jades (or sometimes Morgans) adventure day. I don't know why, but it just happens every Sunday and now it's Sunday club. Are you doing any more collaborations soon? Yes! Very soon actually, I'm just waiting for a delivery to arrive! What colour is your hair currently? My hair is currently graphite grey and i love it! How is the bucket lis…

A letter to my Drama Teacher

Dear my Drama Teacher,

From my very first parents evening you told my Mam "You have a bit of a Drama Queen on your hands, don't you?" To my last parents evening where you said "Anna's definitely a Drama Queen and a strong performer, she keeps everyone in check."

You inspired me to be as dramatic, flamboyant and sassy as I am. You gave me the courage to start doing drama and to be confident. You gave me the confidence to be happy in my own skin. You gave me a lot, and I thank you for that.

You created (Well, you and Mrs Chima- or Miss Armstrong) the bag, the bag which ruled the School, had priority in the dinner line and was a absolute legend (I still spell legend like Leg-end, thanks!) My bag was something which I could sort of hide behind, metaphorically and physically. With my bag I felt more confident because people were looking at my humongous bag and not the fact my pen had burst in my blazer for the tenth time.

You also used the fact that I'm a lit…



So the week which I've been dreading for the last 2 years has happened... I leave college on Thursday. Most A Level students are having a whale of a time because for the past 2 years they have been a solid 5 days a week; me however, have been a sometimes 4, sometimes 2 and sometimes none type of learner.

Everything is just so real, I bought a pan today and I honestly feel like I can rule the world.. With a pan. I'm starting to buy bits and bobs for my uni flat and bedroom. stocking up on shampoo bars and making mental lists of what should I bring clothes wise (I still have no fucking clue). This place and these people are my comfort zones, Millies Monday is my favourite, Nandos Thursday is what I live for and in less than 77 days, everything will change.

If anyone told me in year 10 that I would be going to Uni, driving a car and have a boyfriend who isn't that boy, I never would have believed you! I HAVE THESE MUSHY FEELINGS GUYS!

So this blog is a week …

A letter to my English Teacher.

Dear Sir,

This letter will probably have spelling errors, miss used punctuation and Similes which doesn't make sense- a proper 'Anna' letter.

See, you're the only person who made me believe in myself (And yes, I still use the face that beLIEve has a lie in it). Who told me that just because my target was much lower than my potential, a letter on a sticker should not stop me from doing my best. You used to constantly tell me that the way I wrote was unique and it's very rare someone can write like they speak, "You write like you would have a conversation, but dear god Anna, why so much glitter?"- The time I used glitter for a mood board and you were finding it two years later.

From shouting at me in the corridors what PEE stands for, to asking me what I'm going to get as GCSE results; then getting very angry at me when I shouted back "D".

You made me believe in myself. From skitting me about my bag, to my obsession with glitter and Jordan. Ev…

10 things I want to achieve before I go to University.

I go to Uni in 95 days and it's only just hit me that I've done fuck all this year. Summer holidays are approaching so I think it's time to do some crazy things with my friends (I mean Austin, Chris, Jade and Caitlin count right??) I've composed a realistic list of things I want to do, and in 95 days I'll come back and see how many I've done!

I want to go for a late night adventure to somewhere, I'm talking about 1am drives to Blackpool to get some pizza.I want to go camping somewhere, have no signal for facebook or snapchat and fail at making a fire.I want to go on an actual date with Austin, get dressed up and talk about random shit. in 95 days I'm not going to see him every day, I don't think either of us have let that sink in yet. *HINT HINT AUSTIN PET*Take Oscar to Barrow zoo, or even just a day out, just us two. I've seen Oscar at least twice a week since he was born and to then see him once a month is going to be a massive change for us, …



It feels like forever and ever (Amen?) since I last wrote a blog post. basically, because it has been! With moving house, having no internet and my phone being a dickhead; I haven't been able to blog.

I'm back though, I'm back and I'm never, ever leaving you guys ever again! In case you've missed the last few blog posts I'll link them here, here and here for you to look at!

So a life update..

I'll just jump into the deep end and hope to god a attractive life guard comes and saves me... I'm hoping to go to University in September, 100 miles away from my Gran, my bed and my boyfriend. We've been going out for 8 months and the most time we've spent apart is 2 days. When and if I go to University I'll be seeing him once a month. ONCE A FUCKING MONTH. Now, this makes me sad because once a month seems like nothing but I'm also excited to see how we cope.

I've also become a bit of a alcoholic in these recent few weeks, I bla…

Nanna helps- Revision tips.

So exams are approaching and I can't believe it's been 2 years since I done my GCSE's! Today I'm going to share with you my top tips for revision and how to survive this manic time!

Find out how you revise better. This may be different to your friends. The way I found out was to just try, trail and error is your best bet here!Knock your phone off, just do it okay.Make sure you have plenty of sleep, aim for 9 hours.Take time to eat regularly and drink plenty of water. FOR THE LOVE OF UNICORNS PLEASE, DO NOT USE ENERGY DRINKS AS A SLEEP REPLACEMENTDon't quit your social life, obviously if you have a exam on a Monday and you're going out on a Sunday, I wouldn't advise it. In all fairness, you still need to socialize and have fun.Listen to your teachers. Funnily enough, the teaching degree they done actually means something and they may know more about a certain subject than you. Ask if you need help, it's what they are there for.You may not get as good as …

Q and A with Corey aka My Bestie Bum.

I've spent today in a room, with blankets very carefully placed on me to "make you feel fluffy", talking to my best friend and asking silly questions. I've done a Q and A with Corey before and it got quite a lot of views.

I took to twitter for you guys to ask me questions about life, about me and Corey.. Anything you wanted. As long as it was okay for my Mam to read, this blog does have some limits.

What's the best thing about each other?

Anna: That without even thinking about it, he is my best friend. We might not see eye to eye and sometimes I want to punch him, he's my number one and I owe a lot to him.
Corey: I hate how she doubts herself even though she's normally right (I use the term normally very loosely).

*I then had to remind Corey that it was the best thing about each other, not point out the flaws, dick.

Corey: The best thing is that she can make any situation, any conversation a happy one, she can make anyone laugh and smile. She will go out her …

Skin care routine 2016.

Hello my lovelies! This post has been requested a lot, so I thought I'd make you guys happy! Some of the products are kindly sponsored or are gifts from various companies. Like always, these will be notified with a * and a direct link to the web page. I try my hardest to make sure all products are available worldwide, but sometimes this can't be helped. Some of the products used in this post may be tested on animals and may not be suitable for Vegans or people who don't agree with that sort of thing. With that all said and done, lets carry on with the post.

My skin care routine doesn't really change if I'm wearing make up or not, as I'm prone to spots and break outs I always like to use quite hard and strong products. I have combination kin, at the minute it is quite dry on my temples and oily everywhere else.

I made 2016 the year that I was going to sort out my skin and ever since I said that I've had so many break outs it makes me feel a bit sick. Most o…


I found out last week that I disgust people, and I was fullt clothed, wearing a bra and I wasn't swearing. So what was it? I'll tell you what it is was, it was my muffin top, my over –hang and most importantly- my flab. But you see, this flab reminds me of a time in my life when I was thinner. It’s not fat as such, it’s skin which was stretched and now is, slightly less stretched. I bought this skirt will all knowledge that my belly would stick out but I accepted that.

So dear body shamers/ that girl who told me I was fat at the age of 10/ that man who told me I should only drink diet coke, yet he was drinking frosty jacks out of a bag.
My belly is a part of me, I know it’s there, when I lost all my weight, it was still there. If I wear a skirt and my belly is ‘there’ don’t you dare ask if I’m pregnant, don’t you dare ask how much I weight and don’t you ever, criticize how I dress “because it doesn’t suit my body shape”. I will dress how I want, some days that’s in sweat pants…

NUTELLA CHAT: My Newcastle outfit.

When this blog goes up, so right now, I'm currently in Newcastle with my friend Bradley, probably getting very drunk. I'm wanting to go for a edgy look, but also casual. Not to casual though, as we're going out on the Toon.

My outfit I personally love, but I know people are going to be horrified that it's near enough all black. I like black and I like that it matches my soul.

I LOVE these jeans because they are really soft and I love the fit of these jeans. They are rather pricey but the quality is great and they feel amazing on. I'm teaming this up with a white vest, my vintage jacket and some chunky heels (these ones below).
My make up is going to be quite dark, during the day I'm going to wear my Benefit Hello Flawless foundation and pressed powder with a copper smoky eye and Velvet Teddy on my lips. During the night, I'm going to have my make up looking something like this. I forgot my winged eye liner and I've just got my ABH eye shadow so I'l…


Now, before anyone else says, I know.. I know that roots are natural and without them well, there would be no hair or plants or other things I cant really be bothered to research about. My focus is on hair.

I dyed my hair a couple of weeks back, just before bank holiday Sunday and since then my hair has seemed to grow so much. I mean, maybe it has always grew this much but with having nothing on my roots, I couldn't or didn't notice. I love that my hair is growing, obv. But, I just hate roots and the fact that my hair is now black and my roots are brown makes me look like a right idiot.

I'm also very stuck on my hair style and colour right now as well, I feel like, because my hair is so darn thick I have lego hair and a bank balance which can't cope with forking out money to get it cut. I would like to go back to a brown for summer and still have my coloured ends but then again I want to go a full colour? What do you guys think?

Adding to that, I want to cut my fringe …

My Happy Week #3

My week has been actually lovely and I say this with the biggest smile on my face.

First off I've spent more time with my littlest cousin Oscar, who is the most loving little boy ever. We are best friends and there's not a week we don't spend time together. When I head off to Uni I'm not going to see him for months at a time and that really scares me, so I'm trying to make as many memories as possible. We've played games, pinched each others biscuit, tickled each other until were both crying and had lots and lots of cousin snuggles. He's 3 tomorrow and it's so scary that my baby cousin is getting bigger and can talk and you can actually have a conversation with him.

Secondly, I received an email off a company (who I can say just yet) to review some clothing and I'm really excited to share it with you. Blogging opens up so many doors for you and I find it really interesting to compare which companies come to me.

I always find it's the little thin…

NUTELLA CHAT: I'm scared

Someone reminded me on a facebook group that I don't have long left until I really need to sort my life out. In September I turn 19 and either spend it at home or away. I'm either going to be at university or at home.

And that fucking scares me.

Iv'e always had a big family around me and there is always a shoulder to cry on and a pair of ears to listen to your moans of life. People might be shocked to read that I'm pretty awkward when first meeting people and I'm no good in all that first impressions shit. Which, I'm pretty sure is key at University.. You know, like making friends and not being labelled the strange kid on your first day.

My Gran and Mam will be the first to admit that they have babied me since I was born. The whole concept of paying a phone bill and actually checking dates to see if the milk you've been drinking is turning into cheese. I've never had to do anything. I'm not saying if you gave me a pan, some chicken, rice or pasta a…

Dear 13 year old Anna.

Dear Anna,
I've chosen this age because it's when most things started to blossom... And then burn. Right now you have a crush on a boy, a real big crush and everyone knows.. Even him. You'll shout and get jealous and you'll honestly think that you're going to marry him one day. How sad. It takes you until you're 17 and 7 months to finally get over him. I want you to know that you should never change to get a boys attention.
Your Mam is in a relationship, you hate him and his kids. You want them gone from your life. You want you and your Mam, and you don't really want to share her. You'll hate his kids, you'll hate how strange they are and you'll hate your soon to be Step Dad more than anything in this world. I want you to know that, even though things might be though and you hate everyone and everything, things will get better.
Right now, you hate your weight, or should I say a few individuals hate your weight and they will do everything and an…

Bright lips and #eyebrowsonfleek Ad.

Welcome to week 2 of my happy week series!

This week has been full of exciting things, the biggest thing I'll leave to the end!

I received 2 Mac lipsticks, one off Mac directly and another one I bought at a discounted price. Both are lovely in their own ways but I couldn't have purchased two totally different liptsicks!

Velvet Teddy

Ss you can see from the photo, I'm hideous at taking pictures of promoted products! It's such a nice colour, way more pink toned than I thought. I'm not sure if it was strange lighting in photos online but I always thought it was more brown toned. It goes on smoothly and I'll be doing a make up look based around it soon, so you'll find it here when it;s live. Overall, it's a really good lipstick and I thank Mac for sending me it!

Royal Matte

This lipstick I bought at a discounted price, Mac did not send me it for free. I was actually speaking to Jazz and well, she always convinces me into buying things I don't really need,…