Life as a Cumbrian at University.

So this post is all about my experience being a Cumbrian at University. If you don't know, I study at Bolton University and this is my first year. I always assumed people would now where it is, boy I was so wrong
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'Oh so you must go out in Tiger Tiger all the time then eh?' I will say it again for the people at the back. I AM NOT FROM NEWCASTLE, I AM NOT A GEORDIE, I LIVE ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE COUNTRY.

You WILL get funny looks from people when you ask "Alright *insert name* What's crack?" But no, I don't mean the drug, god sake people!

'Yeah I went to Cumbria once on a school trip, there's loads of lakes and stuff eh?' I will calmly try and tell you that rule number one of being a Cumbrians' best friend is that YOU UNDERSTAND THAT THERE IS ONE LAKE IN THE LAKE DISTRICT. And no, I don't know where you mean by 'We went to this forest to collect leaves, do you know where I mean?'

Near enough every southerner will think Cumbria is in Manchester
Now listen here you Mancs, lets get one thing straight; TO US YOU ARE FROM THE SOUTH. Anything past Lancaster is south, get over it, get used to it, you are not Northern.

Kendal mint cake
I honestly hope you fall off your chair laughing so hard at a joke which isn't funny.

After a few Vodkas you will start to speak Cumbria and it's at that point you just want to be in Yankees, loving life and get a Pedros on the way back.
Because there is nothing better than bar 32's music, the Wells beer garden where you meet everyone you've even known in your life and quick-fit car park where I'm sure everyone ends up when drunk and lost. But just remember "Az garn yam, av already got yan kebab, am goin now"

Apart from a few language/ accent/ Anna please slow your speaking down I cant understand a word/ It's been 8 weeks and Jordan still cant understand me, Uni isn't that bad.

Anyone else from Cumbria and wants to scream sometimes? Why doesn't anyone know where Cumbria is? It's always full of tourists!

P.s for anyone who wants to impress me, start using some of these words!

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