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Fabulous & Us.

Here at Unicorns and Fairy Dust it isn't just about me ranting and raving on about Make Up and Lush, it's about me making you feel happy being you.
I made this blog because I couldn't find another Blogger out there who was near by or Zoella. I never could find a 'be happy and be you' Blog. But last night I did. See, were I was going wrong was, Blogs have names. Often unusual names like Unicorns and Fairy Dust and so did this blog which I found.
Fabulous and Us is a Blog which embraces breaking societies thin theory. It makes people like me feel good about my cellulite and the fact that I won't be able to wear hot pants. It does chocolate reviews, fashion to suit us and loads more. Now I know this Blog won't appeal to everyone and I know and maybe get that some people will be totally against the 'Embracing Obesity' but we're not. I'm not and neither is that Blog.
I want Girls and Boys, Men and Ladies to be happy and comfortable being the uni…

Dying my hair: Pastel Pink Princess.

I love different coloured hair, I love not having brown hair. I don't like the fact that is really takes the pee to maintain and you get dye everywhere! Any ways, apart from that pastel hair; I love it. Carry on reading if you want to see how to get my hair like this for under a fiver!

1). You will obviously need a dye, I normally go for Directions in Flamingo pink but this time I used the Live Colour Bright in '93 Shocking Pink'. As you can see from the picture below it is very pink and not very pastel.

2). You will also need a shit load of conditioner and you need to make sure it is a white one or it won't work. I use the cheapest one I can find and I'm currently using a coconut one from Tesco. The cheaper the better because you are just mixing it with the dye.

3). After you have them two bits sorted you need to out enough conditioner in a mixing bowl (any bowl will do) to cover the parts you need to dye. After that comes the tricky part, adding the dye. Now depe…

We did it!


We did it guys!! Over 1000 views! I am truly amazed at everyone's views each and every week! From next week you might find some adverts from various brands ad companies on the sides of my blog. I can promise these companies are worth while and are not some virus infested companies selling knock off products. I have tried to pick them so they suit most of my viewers and that they are linked with my post.

I am fully aware my blog posts this past week has been 'off'. So below includes a 4 week programme of everything which will be happening on this blog!

Thursday 23rd April- Directions Hair Dye review, lets go back to Unicorn hair!
Tuesday 28th April- Summer Nails!
Thursday 30th April- Curling Wand review.
Tuesday 5th May- Update on my Engineering Course.
Thursday 7th May- This blog post will be heavily about exams and how to come out alive and get the best possible results.
Tuesday 12th May- Opening that first exam paper.
Thursday 14th May- Fake MAC and real MAC.
Tuesday 19th …

Eyebrow Review: High Street vs. Brands

It's here!! I didn't forget about it, I've just been mega busy with life in general! Today I will review my 3 favourite Eye Brow products which I use on a daily basis. (I say daily, I really mean when I can be bothered to wear make up.). The products below are either from Estee Lauder or Superdrug, all details will be listed below!
1. Maybelline Eyebrow Drama. I use this product when my natural eyebrows are being nice and are looking fairly full. I am really lucky because I have naturally full and thick eyebrows so on a 'no make up' make up kinda day, I can get away with this one. It comes with a funny shaped brush, not going to lie though this brush Isn't the best and it nearly always gets clogged with product and doesn't even out. I use the eyebrow brush from my Real Techniques collection to apply the gel on. You could always use this gel as a seal like many others do, on top of another product. This costs £4.99 which for some of you might be a bit expens…

what to expect when... Going to College.

Hello my beauts! We are coming very close to 1000 views, which for a girl who doesn’t even have that many Facebook friends is pretty cool.
As most of you like my lists and my ‘what to expect’ series, I have decided to do another. This time is what to expect when you go College. This is nothing like my story about my experience with college, so don’t worry that I’m going to repeat myself.
Here we goooooo.
·Expect the food to be amazing and cheap and did I mention 1005 better than the slop at school.
·You get to stalk (I mean look at.. a lot.. all the time) at the most amazingly beautiful people ever.
·Most probably you won’t actually be doing more than 19 hours per week, suck on that 6th form and your 30 hours.
·If your college is in a city like mine, you will defiantly spend all your money on things you don’t need, like lush and Zoella books.
·You will start to judge people on the shoes they wear (I already do this though.)
·Smart boards aren’t very smart anymore and remind you of all them ‘s…

The Reality about: Leaving School

I'm not sorry for the fact this post isn't about beauty like I said, but that can wait. This can’t.

Two points I need to cover, I need to talk about this and burst the year 11 expectation bubble. This
bubble tricks you to think that leaving school is a breeze and nothing will change. Everything changes and it is hard, it really is.

Let’s start off with making friends. Easy when you’re 5, not so easy when you are 16. I know this
more than anyone because it took me a long time to realise the difference between having friends
and being someone’s friend. I was everyone friend at school, would do anything for anyone and I
always made sure if I could help, that I would. But having friends, the people who you text when
you’re lonely, phone when you split with your boyfriend. Those people have your back. When I left
school I found out most of my ‘friends’ weren't actually my friends, I was just friends with them.
I left school on May the 23rd 2014 and I cried for about 5 days, I k…

I'm back!

Hiya my beauts!Firstly, I am so sorry for the lack of blogging I have been doing recently. Them Easter holidays and chocolate egg eating has really confused me.Whilst I was away, I did buy two products which I plan to review tomorrow. One being an eye brow kit from MUA and the other being a growth nail varnish. With these products I plan to do it a bit different and review it along with my most loved eye brow kit and nail varnish. So more like a comparing review.Another big thank you for actually viewing me babble on about stuff, it is much appreciated!MwahX x x

The word 'Fat'.

I don't normally say stuff like this on this blog, but today one word spoken from a man who had no idea who I was or my story called me one word, fat. He implied that it was 'Too late' for me to get a diet coke. This person judged me purely on my size, he didn't know if this was me slimmed down or like I am, ready to start slimming down, yet again.

The word Fat is simply the most disgusting word ever. It takes guts to stand on them scales week after week and find out you have only lost half a pound. It takes courage to go to the gym after 12 months of laziness. Finally, it takes lots and lots of will power to keep on going, to admit that you need to sort yourself out.

I have the guts, courage and will power to keep on going no matter what some random person thinks of me. that one word can make you feel so small and worthless and you feel like giving up and eating a Big Mac.

So this Blog post goes out to every person who has ever been called fat, who has ever felt like …

Lipstick Review

Me and make up have a love hate relationship, mostly hate when I leave it on over night and wake up to spots. Forget the brows, forget the eye liner for me, it's all about lipsticks. Every colour, Matte, Velvet or glossy I love them all. Here are my top 3 Lipsticks!

 Love Make Up Happy Girl. I got this when I was in London in August and to be fair I wasn't overly keen on the colour but recently I have fell head over heels in love with it! the texture is somewhat velvet but glossy. Happy girl is a pink, a real, hard core in your face pink. It is also super cheap! No word of a lie, this lipstick was about £3 which for the quality is brilliant. I bought it in Superdrug on Oxford Street but up here you can't get it. So Superdrug, sort it out eh!

(photo from Ra Ra Reid)

2. MAC Cyber. I love this lipstick, no matter how much my family hate it. It's perfect when I want a Docs, Jeans and Jumper type of day. Messy bun and a swipe of this on last nights make up is perfect. Okay, …

Natter with Nanna

Some how I have went off track, sorry about that.

It's Friday and I really can't be bothered with doing a haul because 1. I haven't bought anything new and 2. I have no money to buy anything. Oppppps.

So lets have a natter.

How are you? I'm good, thanks for asking. I had a phone interview for LUSH which i am so so so so so excited about. I also had a massive opportunity for a apprenticeship down in Manchester. I didn't go, but that's another story!

What else? Oh! It's Uppies and Downies today, but I have better things to do than stand in the cold and rain looking at a scrum. Last year was good... kinda! Arguments, drunken teens, vodka in coke bottles and peeing in a bush are just some of the highlights about last year! I wouldn't say I'm too old now because I'm only 17 just I'm always the one with every ones stuff in my bag and I spend half the night checking everyone is alive!

I died my hair as well! Much to my Grans disapproval, in the sum…