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Nanna helps- Revision tips.

So exams are approaching and I can't believe it's been 2 years since I done my GCSE's! Today I'm going to share with you my top tips for revision and how to survive this manic time!

Find out how you revise better. This may be different to your friends. The way I found out was to just try, trail and error is your best bet here!Knock your phone off, just do it okay.Make sure you have plenty of sleep, aim for 9 hours.Take time to eat regularly and drink plenty of water. FOR THE LOVE OF UNICORNS PLEASE, DO NOT USE ENERGY DRINKS AS A SLEEP REPLACEMENTDon't quit your social life, obviously if you have a exam on a Monday and you're going out on a Sunday, I wouldn't advise it. In all fairness, you still need to socialize and have fun.Listen to your teachers. Funnily enough, the teaching degree they done actually means something and they may know more about a certain subject than you. Ask if you need help, it's what they are there for.You may not get as good as …

Q and A with Corey aka My Bestie Bum.

I've spent today in a room, with blankets very carefully placed on me to "make you feel fluffy", talking to my best friend and asking silly questions. I've done a Q and A with Corey before and it got quite a lot of views.

I took to twitter for you guys to ask me questions about life, about me and Corey.. Anything you wanted. As long as it was okay for my Mam to read, this blog does have some limits.

What's the best thing about each other?

Anna: That without even thinking about it, he is my best friend. We might not see eye to eye and sometimes I want to punch him, he's my number one and I owe a lot to him.
Corey: I hate how she doubts herself even though she's normally right (I use the term normally very loosely).

*I then had to remind Corey that it was the best thing about each other, not point out the flaws, dick.

Corey: The best thing is that she can make any situation, any conversation a happy one, she can make anyone laugh and smile. She will go out her …