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Where I'm at body wise- 2017 UPDATE

A big portion of this blog is about my body, my weight and my body confidence. Both the happy parts and the bad bits. I promised you all I would never sugar coat anything for you because I want people to see the real Anna.

The first update is that I'm still fat, I'm still over weight but I can still fit into Topshop jeans so it means that I haven't put on any weight since last year. I still have dreams about being a size 8, having cheek bones and just showing off some bones in general. Then I see a cake and think "Na, lets have cake". It's a very confusing circle.

I'll insert a picture below to show you a current body image of me. Coming to uni has certainly changed the way I see myself and it's helped in a massively good way. In Workington I'd never dream of going round town with a skirt on or a crop top, or even how I normally dress at uni and on nights out in Bolton. when I'm back home I feel like uni has spoilt nights out now because I fee…