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Dear the boy who nearly broke me, but didn't.

Dear you,

I was needy, and so were you. I needed attention, comfort and to know that I wasn't broke.

You gave me everything I wanted, you gave me attention, you took me away on breaks to the city, you bought me make up and chicken nuggets. You told me I was perfect; even when I'd just woken up and I still had last nights make up on. You said you'd keep me safe from my ex, that he was nothing. You supported me throughout my uni days, you video called me when I was crying and wanted to come home. You bought me kebabs even though you were 126 miles away from me, just because I was craving chicken. You were my everything, my world and my all.

... And then I came back from uni and it all changed. It had changed over the weeks, slowly. We talked less, argued more but I put it down to me. I stressed myself out with exams, I know. I didn't sleep or eat because I didn't want people to think I was a failure. I was stressed, you were stressed but I still tried. You gave up on…