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My first week at Uni.

Todays post is all about my experience with the first week at University. shock horror, I'm using lists.

The kitchen is a prime place to make friends, everyone has to eat.Things WILL go missing- deal with it and buy new bread #breadgateYou'll soon realise no one gives a shit what you look like, so go out with no make up on. Do it!Toilet roll will be used so fast.Someone will ALWAYS use your washing up liquid if left out.Drinks are cheap on student nights out and freshers, after that you need a loan.Take aways are hella cheap.You'll miss your family, your bed, your mam. you might even want to go home after 24 hours. DON'T.You'll meet people from totally different walks of life, they will make you understand that maybe the friends at home aren't as special as you thought.Everyone is scared to go to the toilet and poo, just do it before you all shit yourself.triple vodkas kill maps will make you walk 2 miles for a 10 minute walk.having your birthday dur…

Me, myself and this little adventure called Uni.

You might have noticed that I've been very absent from the blogging world; this is because I lived. I lived and I played and I partied and I drank and I made lots of stupid and silly mistakes, I've danced beside lakes, sang my heart out at 3am and cried to my best friend over Uni.

I made a blog post about everything/everywhere I wanted to go and do in the 6 weeks off. The list is below so lets just see what I've actually achieved. Go for a late night adventure to somewhere. Did it happen? Yeah I suppose, late night adventures to Kendal for a KFC and then finding a lake but getting lost and ending up a mountain. Adventures are the best when you text you friend and tell them you'll be 10 minutes.Go camping. Did this happen? Did it heck! I'm so cringe I make myself feel sick.Go on a date with Austin. Did this happen? HAHAHAHAHAHHAHA NO.Take Oscar to the zoo. Did this happen? No, but I still love and miss him more than anything in this world.Dye my hair a bright colour…