My first week at Uni.

Todays post is all about my experience with the first week at University. shock horror, I'm using lists.

  • The kitchen is a prime place to make friends, everyone has to eat.
  • Things WILL go missing- deal with it and buy new bread #breadgate
  • You'll soon realise no one gives a shit what you look like, so go out with no make up on. Do it!
  • Toilet roll will be used so fast.
  • Someone will ALWAYS use your washing up liquid if left out.
  • Drinks are cheap on student nights out and freshers, after that you need a loan.
  • Take aways are hella cheap.
  • You'll miss your family, your bed, your mam. you might even want to go home after 24 hours. DON'T.
  • You'll meet people from totally different walks of life, they will make you understand that maybe the friends at home aren't as special as you thought.
  • Everyone is scared to go to the toilet and poo, just do it before you all shit yourself.
  • triple vodkas kill anna.
  • google maps will make you walk 2 miles for a 10 minute walk.
  • having your birthday during freshers, 8 days after moving in, isn't that bad. as long as you have amazing friends who get you a unicorn, slut banners and make sure you get shit faced; you'll be fine.
Another thing to mention is that I'm a very homely person, I love my home comforts so much and it's strange having to run your own flat, know where to put your rubbish, when to change your bedding, buy your own shopping and so on. It's all new to a 19 year old. I did cry, I cried a lot in the first week. I cried in my room when my Dad and Nanna left me, I cried the day after when my Gran and Mam left me, I cried when I didn't know how to cook (I did), I cried after Oscar left me, I cried on my birthday because it was the first one ever were I didn't have my Mam waking me up.

People online lie about Uni, they do. They sugar coat the process. Truth is, Uni is hard, cooking for yourself is hard. lectures and getting lost is hard. remembering to bring your own bags to the shops is hard.

You'll cry, you'll scream, you'll think you have no friends, you'll think oh my Jesus I need to down straight vodka, you'll want to go home and you will 100% want to kill the flat which keeps setting the fire alarm off.

But, after everything; it's so worth it. It's worth the budgeting, the lack of vegetables, the pizza boxes next to your bed. You're living a free life, you can do whatever you want. I mean, I ate a full jar of Nutella last night and I didn't have my Mam and James looking at me in disgust.

First week is challenging, the second week is hard because you start Uni... You know, that thing you moved away from home for?

Here are some picture from my first 2 weeks! (Or my Birthday)
Jordan (L), Me (Can we all clap for me because I'm wearing a dress here on my FIRST night), Leah (R)

Leah and me. This was my first night... My hangover indicted I had a good night.
Molly (the best flat mate EVER), me, Jordan and Leon
Me, Jordan (L) and Leah (R)

Me and the Gals (Plus Jamie)

Before TZ

My first week hasn't been hell, but it hasn't been glitter and Unicorns like I was promised by fellow bloggers.

How was your first week?

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