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Look at me now- One year on.

I often spend most of my nights looking at old photos because I have no friends and there is a limit of how much Netflix you can watch without going crazy.

Timehop reminds me every day how much I've grown, not much in size but as a person.

Last year I was sitting alone on a bench at dinner time thinking "What the feck are you doing here Anna?" This year I'm sitting with a bunch of freaks who I love dearly, eating Nandos and actually have something in common with them. These people, these people are my friends, not my acquaintances.

Last year I hated my body, I'd put on all my weight and I wasn't in a very nice place. This year I love myself, for once I actually love myself and it's great. Go Anna, go!
Last year I was holding on to my old friends by the skin on my teeth, literally doing anything to keep them. I failed, obviously, because now we don't really speak. That's okay, because I have new friends and a new life and so do they. This year I re…

Urban Decay Naked Smoky palette| First Impressions.

This is the first post I've actually wrote in ages. My other posts, bar my birthday post have been hiding away in my other folder, but now they have run out and I need to blog!

Whilst I was in Paris (which was amazing) I visited Sephora and picked up a palette I've been eyeing ever since the date came out. I can spend silly money on foundation, concealer and even mascara, but I feel sick at the thought of spending £38 on some Eye shadow. As it was my birthday and you're allowed to spend a silly amount of money on things which you don't really need, I bought it. Okay, so maybe I did buy it because the packaging is beaut and maybe I did buy it because.. Hello? Urban Decay.

Truth is, I don't really like it. the colours are too dark for my skin tone, they are so hard to blend which means you can't even blend them out to a lighter shade. I wanted to love this product because so many beauty gurus love it, obsess over it and I've wanted it for so long. The packagi…

My week- 18th Birthday special.

This is a new type of series I will be starting.. Well starting it now. A blog post to tell you about my week, upcoming events and posts and just a general reminder of my week so far. It is going to be the raw Anna, the Anna who always goes into McDonalds and gets a Chicken Nugget Happy Meal and a Chicken Burger and the Anna who sings the same song every morning to Dan. The real Anna.
I turned 18 on the 18th September 2015 and it was one of the most 'normalish' days of my life, fun and exciting and all that but I was the same old Anna, just a year older.

I had my birthday party the week before, best night ever. Thanks again to everyone who bothered to turn up! My Mam put this photo up on Facebook, I mean what can I say? I was a cute baby!

We took a family selfie because we are cute like that, can we all just look at Oscars face please? I think he's had enough selfies at this point. We may not be the biggest family there is but we sure are the best!

I love stucky toffee pu…

Q&A 3.

I asked you guys ages and ages ago to ask me questions for a questions and answers, sorry for the very, very late reply. The girl's been busy, okay?!

What's your favourite MAC lipstick?
My favourite lipstick is Cyber, because I love berry lips and this is almost black. Not many people have it and I think it's a really grungy colour, which is the style I mostly wear. MAC haul coming up soon!

When are you and Corey going to go out?
Thanks for this really awkward question Karl! I'm going to say never, purely because life problems, we have different lives and goals for the future. He will always be my bets friend, he will always be my Corey, no matter if he's single or not and I'll always love him unconditionally. Maybe when we are older, wider and a little more comfortable around the word 'relationship'. Maybe.

Are you going to prom?
I'm taking you mean the College ball? No I am not. Why? Because I refuse to spend as much money as I did for my Southfield…

Happy Anniversary!

I still find it strange that it's been a whole year since I first encountered the world of Engineering. A whole year since I first took a giant leap into the unknown and very nearly backed out. And most importantly, I can't believe or even understand because it's that crazy that I've only known Corey and co. for a year!
I thought it was crazy when I finally got my certificate through and I seen that hard work, tears, tantrums and a shit load of Millie's cookies and hugs off Dan pays off. When I seen my grade I was so happy and I wanted to throw my results in the face if the guy who made me rethink this whole adventure. Now, if you're new to this blog, please go and check out my Engineering student blog post. If you're lazy and can't be bothered though, I'll quickly explain about these guys. 
It was my first day, I was alone at this point and had no friends, no friends full stop to be fair really. These guys were sniggering at me, really loudly and m…


I thought I'd take the time and sit down and do a quick update for everyone.

I start college tomorrow, I'm only in for 3 days, woohooo. Down side is that it's three full days, super full days. 2 days I'm on 9 till 6 and the other I'm in 9 till 4. I'm back doing my beloved Engineering with my lovely class, plus a few newbies, who I'm sure will be great and as fun as last years group. My group has gotten smaller, Corey is in Newcastle getting all dirty being a Blacksmith, Ryan works at Nestle, Karl and Dan still work at Nestle but I will only see then 2 times a week which makes me sad. So this year it's just me, Dan, Dan, nice Dan, Wu and Cameron. I'm also starting to do a A level, which is the reason why 2 of my days are super long, God damn me trying to be extra smart! I feel creative writing will help me along with my blog and the content I write and hopefully it will make more friends (maybe some of them will even be girls!) My blogging d…