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Q&A with Corey Worey Woo and Nice Dan.

I took to social media to ask you lot what you wanted to ask me.. Or us. We had lots of replies and questions, I hope I’ve got most of them answered for you. Some of them are directed at me and some are directed at these two weirdos who are currently singing Taylor Swift. Let’s go.
1.What do you all want to do after college? Anna: Ask me when I’ve finished college. I have so many ideas, aspirations and even more crazy ideas I have no clue anymore. I’m just hoping one of my eggs in my basket will crack open and work out. Corey: Sure Anna’s already told you, I work as a blacksmith alongside college so I’ll be doing that full time and all qualified and shit when I finish college. Nice Dan: I’m hoping to study Mathematical Engineering at Salford University.
2.Who’s the brainiest out of all of you? Anna: As much as I’d like to say myself, I know deep down that at the age of 18 I still can’t do my 7 or 8 times tables. I know, I’ve let Miss Ferris down.. I know. So for this I’d have to go with D…

Engineering Updated: My final year.

I made this blog to try and change peoples perspective of Women in Engineering, or in fact, anyone in any career path which is deemed "strange". I've done various blog posts about my story and you can find them here, hereand here.

This blog post is a update on them all really, a look back of what has happened and a big, fat thank you to everyone who's made me very happy.

I made it very clear from the start that I hated the course I had chosen. I hated early mornings, I hated the course, I hated a full day of maths on a Monday and most of all, I hated being alone.

As you all will know, I met two boys who changed everything and then shortly after I met my new friendship group #chicken4thewin. over the past 18 months things have just gotten better.
I finally got that pass, the pass which everyone thought I wouldn't get.My friends are as strong as ever, maybe even stronger. they are my only friends now everyone from Southfield doesn't really speak to me, but no ha…

My favourite blogs.

A very chilled post, I'm trying to have less swear words and stress... and McDonald. You know, happy mind, happy Anna and all that jazz. Which follows me onto this blog post very nicely. You'll soon see why.

As a fellow blogger I try and aim to read as many blogs as I can, watch as many YouTube videos as possible and try to support everyone. But, I do have some favourites which make me laugh every time. below are 5, check them out and tell them you've came from Unicorns and Fairy Dust and that Anna is amazing.. or whatever.


My fellow blogger, my old teacher (not to make you feel old or anything but I left in 2014..) and a person with a infectious smile and hilarious laugh. I've done a blog post on Fabulous and Us before, you can find that here. I read her content when I'm feeling down or fat or I'm just looking for something to read. She's been absent from the blogging world for a while but I'm almost certain she will be back and this ti…

Sending nudes | is it worth it?

I've teamed up with ChildLine to share my story of revenge porn and the consequences it give you in the end run. Please feel free to share to all your friends. I'm not trying to be a party pooper, but when the police are involved and people start to cry, it is really a party any more? You can report anyone or anything which is making you feel scared, angry or unsafe here.

If you’re from where I’m from, or even from my course. Will you know exactly why this weeks post is about this subject. Sending nudes. I think we all know what this is, if not, let me tell you. Sending a picture or video of parts of your body you wouldn't show your parents. You get me, boobs, penises, willies and down there… I'm scared to say the v word.

Welcome to days society were everyone seems to send pictures of their bits to anyone who will listen. Snapchat is worst, 10 seconds and its gone. Mm, is it? That was the initial idea but then people got their thinking caps on and realised people could…