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Life as a Cumbrian at University.

So this post is all about my experience being a Cumbrian at University. If you don't know, I study at Bolton University and this is my first year. I always assumed people would now where it is, boy I was so wrong

'Oh so you must go out in Tiger Tiger all the time then eh?' I will say it again for the people at the back. I AM NOT FROM NEWCASTLE, I AM NOT A GEORDIE, I LIVE ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE COUNTRY.

You WILL get funny looks from people when you ask "Alright *insert name* What's crack?" But no, I don't mean the drug, god sake people!

'Yeah I went to Cumbria once on a school trip, there's loads of lakes and stuff eh?' I will calmly try and tell you that rule number one of being a Cumbrians' best friend is that YOU UNDERSTAND THAT THERE IS ONE LAKE IN THE LAKE DISTRICT. And no, I don't know where you mean by 'We went to this forest to collect leaves, do you know where I mean?'

Near enough every southerner will think Cumbria is i…