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Dear 13 year old Anna.

Dear Anna,
I've chosen this age because it's when most things started to blossom... And then burn. Right now you have a crush on a boy, a real big crush and everyone knows.. Even him. You'll shout and get jealous and you'll honestly think that you're going to marry him one day. How sad. It takes you until you're 17 and 7 months to finally get over him. I want you to know that you should never change to get a boys attention.
Your Mam is in a relationship, you hate him and his kids. You want them gone from your life. You want you and your Mam, and you don't really want to share her. You'll hate his kids, you'll hate how strange they are and you'll hate your soon to be Step Dad more than anything in this world. I want you to know that, even though things might be though and you hate everyone and everything, things will get better.
Right now, you hate your weight, or should I say a few individuals hate your weight and they will do everything and an…

Bright lips and #eyebrowsonfleek Ad.

Welcome to week 2 of my happy week series!

This week has been full of exciting things, the biggest thing I'll leave to the end!

I received 2 Mac lipsticks, one off Mac directly and another one I bought at a discounted price. Both are lovely in their own ways but I couldn't have purchased two totally different liptsicks!

Velvet Teddy

Ss you can see from the photo, I'm hideous at taking pictures of promoted products! It's such a nice colour, way more pink toned than I thought. I'm not sure if it was strange lighting in photos online but I always thought it was more brown toned. It goes on smoothly and I'll be doing a make up look based around it soon, so you'll find it here when it;s live. Overall, it's a really good lipstick and I thank Mac for sending me it!

Royal Matte

This lipstick I bought at a discounted price, Mac did not send me it for free. I was actually speaking to Jazz and well, she always convinces me into buying things I don't really need,…

Goodbye my Milkshakes.

Now, most of you won't understand the title, but if you're in my college group, you're probably laughing right now. As the end is nearly in sight and soon well have to go our separate ways, I wish I could stay here forever.

I wish I could stay in room 120 forever and have Karl or Corey bring me a hot chocolate and a cookie every morning. I wish I could keep all my friends together and make them ever so angry at my life choices.
But I can't.
Life is just starting really, stupid fucking life getting in the way of my right now, perfect life style. Stupid uni applications which make me nervous, stupid aptitude tests which I fail and stupid, stupid interviews which make me feel a bit sick. Stupid buses to college which I secretly love and stupid bunch of lads who I love more than anything.
Really, it has to come to a end. when I left Southfield I was relatively upset, more scared to be honest. This time, I'm terrified of adulting the adult world without my bestfriends …

Spring Adventures: My Happy Week 1.

This is a brand new series I am going to start and ever week I will do a blog post on what's made me happy, whether it be an adventure with friends, a pizza and kebab or a good eyebrow day. There's two much sadness and depressive statuses in today's society, and this makes me sad.

This weeks happy week was totally unplanned, I finished college early, picked up Austin and his friends and drove. I mean, we did get lost (top tip, don't follow boys instructions), crossed a river and I nearly died and I think I walked 10,000 steps that day. I enjoyed the fresh air, the ability to just drive and not care about anything and I loved going to a place which holds so many happy memories with the person I love.

Bowder stone isn't just a stone which has been here ever since the Glaciers, it isn't the place were you can shake hands underneath it. Apart from all them things, it's the place where I feel comfortable and the place I feel closest to my Grandad.

I loved this …

A very Younique review.

Todays post is a bit different and it's something I never thought I'd review, purely because I'm a bit scared about trying different products other than my comfort zone ones; one word, spots. Anyways, I was lucky enough to be given a sample of Younique's foundation, which has been going viral with people drawing lines on their faces with sharpies (PLEASE, FOR THE LOVE OF CONTOUR, DO NOT DO THIS!) and it being made out to be this magical foundation. I was also given 3 lip glosses, one of them I am wearing on the picture below and the others I'll leave for a rainy day to review.
As you can see, my face has a lot of issues, new spots, dried up spots, scaring, redness and just general uneven skin. The colour of this foundation is very yellow toned so it looks a tad off in the pictures. When looking for a new foundation I always look for a few things; how it applies, how it looks and how it wears.
You can find the lovely Sarah here, give it a like and tell her that you&…

Me and my life crisis.

Now, I'm the first to admit that I'm a bit of a Drama Queen and every time I get a paper cut (which is a lot actually, god knows why) I always beg for a plaster and god forbid I have a bad head... Well, that must mean I have a bleeding brain and I have 40 seconds to live.

But any ways, back to the point, I'm panicking. I'm panicking because I don't know what I want to do with my life. I'm panicking because I've just found out that I'm basically not going to get into University because my stupid course and my stupid College changing things around. I don't know what to do and it's making me panic like nothing else, I hate not knowing what's happening and what's going to happen.

I also got really annoyed with my friends, which made me annoyed with Austin (he was just there, no other reason than being a easy target), which then lead me onto dying my hair half blue and half pink. I always do this and now it means I can't wear pink toned l…

Top tips for having/running a car.

As most of you know I have a car called Ruby, she's a little Ford Fiesta who's coming up 18 in June. She's not new, she's a bit rusty on her doors, scuffed on the bumper and her wheels are dented from where I tried, and failed to do reverse parking. Saying that, she's my pride and joy... Just a very, very expensive one.

Even before you can legally drive the car yourself you need to have lessons and pass your theory, soon I'll be writing a fool proof blog post on how to pass your theory, that will be here. Lets be real, learning to drive costs a fucking fortune, I was just lucky enough to have the bank of Dad to pay for my lessons and test(s). I paid 20 pounds per test and it took me just short of 10 months to pass, eventually. That's a lot of money just on lessons, then add up the cost of your theory and your test. Sometimes, you're looking at in or around £1000 just to pass; and you probably don't even have a car yet!
Insurance will cost everything…

My annoying habits.

I get told a lot that I annoy people, I normally take offence but every now and then I get told I do something over and over again, no matter how many times I do it and get told off. These habits annoy me more than anyone else, this doesn't stop others from complaining, again, about them though.

I bite my nails when I am stressed.

I've always done it, ever since I could remember. My Dad bites his nails until they bleed which is just lovely and maybe I copied off him. This is a really bad habit and I mostly do it when I'm stressed or when I'm anxious.

I bounce my leg when I'm sitting down.

By bounce I mean shake my leg, I do this when I'm not even thinking about doing it and then I start to think about it, and then I cant stop. Annoys my Gran so much, not going to lie, I sometimes do it just to annoy her.

I say 'like' too many times in one sentence.

This one's for you Mam! I think my generation have adapted the word like into their vocab and made it top…