You can tell it's been a while when I do a post like this. instead of doing mini posts on each topic I thought I'd get it all off my chest so we can focus on Christmas and the new year.

I'm single, yep I'm single and no longer in a relationship. A whole year and a bit together gone. For the fist week I was lost but now I've adapted and I'm ready to focus on Anna. There's no bad feelings, there's no hate. we just simply argued too much.

When I came to Uni I didn't realise all the things in a normal household I took for granted, like salt and pepper. have you seen how expensive they are? It's crazy. or tinfoil, tweezers, biscuits and most of all; toilet bloody paper. Before I came to uni me and my Mam worked out my budget and let me tell you, that all went to pot. I did not take into consideration that Annas' essentials and the worlds essentials are very different. I just thank the lord for sell by date and chopped tomatoes. Christmas is 3 weeks away and I wish Santa would just do it all for me. STRESSED.

Two days after I became single I had what my flat mates called a Brittney moment... I died my hair bright green, changed a few piercings, threw most of my materialistic things away which reminded me of less happier times... I DYED MY HAIR FECKING GREEN. I love it, I honestly do love it so much! Of course, there was the usually people who made sly comments and I'm sure it was in their little cult of a whatsapp group. It makes me feel so much more confident it's great; and really, that all that matters isn't it?

I also drove on the motor way for the first time with my boy bestie Charles so shout out to you! I went to st bees with my bestfriend and then again with the biggest dribbler ever (Thank you for making me smile and laugh). I went home for a visit and realised my friends from 3 month ago are no longer my friends, I facetimed Corey for the first time since he went away and cried so much,

Right now I love my little life, it isn't as bad as I sometimes think. To be fair, it's pretty blood brill!

Extra shout out to my little leprechauns plus Charlie and Elliot!

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