Does Make Up really matter?

Over these past few years I have began my journey into the world of make up. I normally don't really wear make up on a day to day basis and I feel comfortable meeting people with a bare face. This doesn't stop me from spending money I don't have on products I don't need. Opps!

So does make up really matter? Does it really make that much of a difference. So to make up my mind I put make up on half my face. I'm not sure whether to be thrilled or slightly scared.

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This is the final product and all I can say is, no wonder I'm single! I take it back, make up is god! It looks so freaky and I feel scared to look at the photo because I feel like it's something out of a horror. I don't think you notice how much it makes a difference until you see this. I didn't pile on my make up and I probably used less than I would normally use, which is even more scary.

As I said, I am comfortable by being bare face for 6 days a week, but I always make a effort at least 4 times a month. You know, because sometimes I want to look like a girl!

I think these pictures really make the whole situation even better! I envy people who wear make up every day because I just don't have the time and I don't fancy applying mascara on a bus. I'm also very lucky to have quite clear skin, I say quite because at the moment it is going through a bit of a break down right now. Nothing a bit of concealer and good foundation can't cover.

I applause girls and guys who make a effort, but I feel like we don't need it. Normal Anna would rather have a lie in than put on make up and I'm sure most people would.

Self conscious Anna craves make up, feels horrible without make up and is willing on spending hundreds on products.

Make up isn't a bad thing, we are just embracing what we have, mascara doesn't change is that dramatically. Hair extensions aren't bad, they just make our hair whip even cooler. We as a generation have labelled these things bad and 'fake'. If you want to wear make up every day, go you!

Don't let others determine your happiness.

X x x

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