My Boy Friend answers some questions about me. Part 2.

Like my other blog, which attracted a lot of attention, I asked Corey who is my Boy Friend to answer some questions about me.

18th September.

What is my favourite beauty item?
Them smelly lip glosses you sniff.

Who is my idol?
Me or Katie Price.

Which pair of shoes could I not live without?
Your black docs.

What do I have pierced?
Belly and Nipple.

Am I single?
I hope so, unless we need words! But you do have that one boy...

Greatest fear?
Getting lost.

When I first came to College, what was the first thing you said to me?
Something about the fact that I could see your bra. Yes, I get that it probably wasn't the greatest conversation starter.

This is 100% cheesy, but I think it's cute.
Where am I going for my 18th?
Paris without me, I hate you.

Who are my bestfriends?
Me, Karl, Dan, Nice Dan, and Luke from Workington?

Where do I go for dinner if you aren't here?
Karens baguettes and then the Cathedral. But that never happens any more because now you have friends.

At a party, what do I drink?
Vodka and diet coke or Dry Martini and diet coke.

Why did I choose the name Unicorns and Fairy Dust?
You're obsessed with Unicorns and you're the size of a Fairy. Honestly, I have no idea why.

If I could marry any celebrity who would it be?
Adele or David Beckham.

What annoys me more than anything?
Pen clicking, when Sam leaves pen on the board, pennies, when you can hear Doms music and the fact Karl chopped off his man bun.

What is my dream job?

It really makes me happy knowing that I have friends who actually know me. I love Corey lots and lots, and that's why he is my Boy Friend/Bestfriend.


X x x

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