How to get over a breakup and not have a breakdown in the process.

This might be one of my most requested posts ever. Falling out with your boyfriend/girlfriend can be tough. It can be hard for you to come to terms that all them promises and plans you have made, probably won’t happen or last. Sorry to break it to you.

Now, I've had my fair share of break ups and boys just wondering in and out of my life. Treating me like some sort of walk in centre of attention when they need it. So, I think I can say I'm a wannabe expert at this kind of stuff. Here are some rules you need to follow and make them realise that you don’t need their sorry ass anymore.

1. Delete everything. Dear god, I wish I found this out sooner rather than later. Delete all their texts they once sent you, delete all the picture of you two kissing or what not. And for god sake, please delete them off snap chat. Snapchating them saying ‘so sad, going to bed’ will not win them back. Let them go and laugh when they run back.

2. Cry. Cry until your eyes hurt and you have a snotty nose. Cry until you feel better. Cry with your mam, sister, best friend, dog. Whoever will lend a shoulder to cry on. You cry until your heart is content.

3. Don’t text them. Worst thing you can do is make them know you miss them. Going text him that you love them still or the other way, don’t text them saying how much you hate them.

4. Eat the whole of the kitchen and then go down to co-op and eat some more.

5. Keep yourself busy; don’t sit under a duvet all the time watching the last song, stop it. Enjoy yourself and make them realise what they have lost because you are strong as steel.

6. Make sure you have positive people around you and positive vibes. This will help a lot, goodbye all you downers. Remember you have had a break up, you are not dying.

7. For the first few days, it is acceptable to lounge about in your pj’s and make everyone know you are having a breakup. But, after a while it starts to take the piss a bit. Get some make up on before you scare away the post man.

8. Don’t overdo that credit card, retail therapy might seem good at the time you are going it. But I can promise you, you won’t be that happy when you have no money, although you do have 3 pairs of really nice shoes and a Mac lipstick.

9. Go for a walk, fresh air will help you relax and you can really think about everything and not having other people’s thoughts in the back of your mind.

10. And finally, if he/she was a dick, left you for your best friend or was just a general c u next Tuesday… GET OVER THEM AND MOVE ON.

*Disclaimer* This blog post wasn't aimed at anyone in particular, but if the shoe fits and all that.*


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